Congress should play video games

I like computer games, especially the city-building games. Sim City, Caesar II, Caesar III, Caesar IV, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Emperor, Empire: Total War – these are some of my favorites. It ‘s fun, a blank card and build a flourishing civilization in just a few hours. But it ‘isn t easy.Depending about this game, you play, you may have to search technology, providing housing and jobs to bring water, build farms and establish business networks. These games are not only fun, they can teach you a lot of infrastructure that can work for a company. But it ‘s most dass really work your city, you have to keep the citizens happy. If you play this game, you, the player who is ruler.In a word, you ‘re the government. You have complete control over the population. You can demolish their homes to eliminate their jobs, or starve them until they leave. But why would you do that? It ‘s much more rewarding to an environment in which they can flourish. They do this by giving them every opportunity, and even then it takes time to grow up to see the city reallyFlourish.Of course and you have to pay for everything. Nothing is free in the game. Each building has a price tag, and if it is built don ‘t enough money in the game ‘ s treasury, it doesn ‘t. The money comes from various sources, usually through trade and / or sale of goods through the game ‘s made population.And taxes. The interesting thing about the “people ” who live in these games is their similarity to humans in the real world. You want to be happy, want to work, most of them, and they want a fair chance. If you grow them to them. But if you mistreat them, they get angry.No two games are exactly alike, but in general, if you can don ‘t enough jobs, people will leave the city. In some games, they rebel. The same goes for taxes. You can get all the jobs you want, every chance in the world, but if taxes increase by a reasonable level will increase and people. In some cases, they will burn before they place. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and both houses of Congress must have a little time to playsome of these games to build the city. I think they could do something, learn what they obviously don ‘t yet understood.

Business Blogging for Small Businesses – 7 benefits of setting up a blog today

While corporate blogs are an integral part of life for millions of small businesses around the world, and growing daily at a rate of knots, it ‘s just that there are many self-employed and entrepreneurs don ‘t understand the benefits of blogging for businesses. Let me blogging.1 7 Advantages of business. Positions you as an expert write a blog, you can check your vision regularly, opinions and advice in your business niche. You know how the experience and expertise you have in your area, but you can get is not always easy, which in a normal Web page. Business Blogging lets you show what you know.2. Posted know, like and trust factor in your blog, even if the focus business, it is a more informal presence than a traditional website. It gives your readers a glimpse of the kind of work regular, continuous and works the way your business or practice. Knowledge of new races business.3. Improved search engine optimisationWhile the operation of search engines are not always clear, we know that the websites that are updated regularly – including blogs – are ranked higher than those who don ‘t. If we look at a keyword or key phraseSearch engines want to show the most relevant content that can then easily rank higher for your blog, even faster than your web site, its content more static.4. Attracting more visitors are your favorite sites – sites with conventional same old content, or blogs, where you can see new information and new recommendations? You visit your favorite websites frequently, you recommend them to talk and blog about them. We all want many visitors as possible, but what we do for them when they come to visit? Is the following advantage: Creating Business opportunitiesThe 5 more people to visit your site regularly to learn and know, like and trust you, the more options you have to earn money. Whether promoting ‘s your last affiliate program or recommendation, etc., it is easier to make money from a blog than a website. Your site is oriented towards the inside – your accomplishments – while your blog will be focal points as the external parts of your industry news, product reviews, so on.6. Opens a dialogue between you and your visitorsA is typical for a blogthe opportunity for your visitors comment on your posts. It is a simple free for your audience to interact with you and allows you both to start building a relationship. Once you build relationships, it will be easier to sell and your business.7. Creating a niche content, and strengthen your muscles blogging gives you regular writing practice to write and what you are training, improvement. The more you write, the easier it gets. How to create a repository of niche content, you can re-purpose of your blog. You can due to a number of articles to an article directory such as upload form, you can use in your newsletter, or you can even book with them as fodder for an ebook or pressure right. You wouldn ‘t treat bag first blogger you a book if you did. Remember, a successful high-profile book, Women in the North and Julie and Julia, both started blogging as a marketing blog.Business usual, it is of value creation. The benefits are enormous, and you’ll soon see, to grow your reputation and business.

5 Easy Steps to the best simulation games for you to choose

Are now on the market to buy a lot of games and try every day there are more game titles published, and the big question of this is What game should I? and this game met my expectations for the game right, I’ll give you some tips you can use to look? 1 .- The first thing you need to make their determination of what simulation scenario you want to want to be in the market there are cool games for the cities of simulation, railways, urban transport, aircraft and airports, cities, food, hospitals, aquariums, theme parks, roller coasters, business and much more. Link your settings to your hobby, for example, if you want features, you can create a scenario where the trains are primary actors.2 .- If you choose to simulate the scenario chosen, the next step for the game title to find Do you want to simulate. All you need is a Web browser such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, appointments, etc., and find your match. For example, if you simulate the cities that you select in your favorite browser, type in words such as “urban games “, “building city “. You must choose these words yo put the script in the browserYou want to simulate (in this case, cities) and the word “game ” or “Game ” to narrow your search, and have a good results.3 .- If you are looking for a few game titles, you can now to search for specifically for the game title you want. This will help you find useful information on the gameplay of the game, the difficulty of the graphics and other useful information. For example: If you are looking for cities that you have found a few titles like: “Simcity ” or “City Life “. Now I’m in my browser “game SimCity ” or “game City Life ” 4 .- At this point, if you followed the previous steps, you now have some information about games in terms of things research to simulate what you want. Now it’s time, the best game for you. Follow these tips: – choose the difficulty level you want to play that is so important because if you are a beginner in this game and the game you want to continue his (or an expansion pack) of an earlier , yo will probably buy the first and later the successor. Another thing, its the age of their gameto 5 (for those who have five or more years), and you have 23, you probably do not want this kind of “challenge ” for your game .- Choose what you prefer: graphics, gameplay, or the two is important to choose the right game because some games have a very good gameplay, but graphics still archaic. If you are just looking for challenges, you’re probably like these. On the other hand, some cool games great graphics and amazing scenarios, but the gameplay has its so boring and not too demanding. If you, like me, play games, stunning graphics and exciting gameplay, you need to read and search a lot, but you will find these excellent results and superb gameplay .- Another important thing you need to think thought to study the system of your selected game (s), it is because you won ‘t buy a game that your computer crashes or does not work properly on your PC. You can do this by comparing the system requirements of the game with your hardware and software to solve. I recommend that you have a 30% increase in the minimum requirements of the game, have a goodPerformance of the game, not the execution Slov. More confidence for your chosen game, play the game, opinions on players, blogs (like this), does this experience help you know you can play, difficulty, etc.. You can use the cards and the list of the best games, because if your game is ranked on the list, its almost 100% satisfaction guarantee. = D Some people think that another important factor when choosing the game is money ‘s. I do not agree with that. You can use the game you want, when you save a little money, or a few small changes in your routine, such as buying coffee every morning, or not to buy a hamburger every Friday. You can make small changes to the money for the game you get. She is thinking about it.5 .- The final step is to go to your selected game to buy!, If you follow all the steps and advice before becoming a favorite game, you want to buy, have. You can buy it on the official game or shop at a supermarket or a store that has the hope that these tips game.IHelp you find the best simulation game for you. Post your comments!

Business Blogging – 5 Tips on how to block Smashl by the writer ‘s

It ‘s inevitable. Everyone on the panel meeting. Whether you ‘ve been blogging 10 weeks, 10 minutes, or 10 months, you will end up ‘ s nothing to be with say.Or so you can understand what in the world do you do when you loss ‘ re think.So not you think? 1 – on what you ‘ve already talked about Pick a topic that you ‘ ve previous discussions and give him some spin.Try a new angle, like playing a lawyer Devil ‘s. For example, if a search engine journalist, and last week your position was that most public sites need to survive traffic from Google, you try to point you in the “con ” point of view, instead of “pro ” position. There are dozens of ways to write the same thing. By putting your point another way, you can give someone in your audience what a client of mine called “Ah-ha! ” Moment. It ‘s if they recognize the true value of items for sale on your site to them and talk about what someone else says business.2 you have reached popular blog, find other bloggers in similar areas and about to say what they said in their messages. Friendly debate often trigger the serial drama as both have your audienceBy visiting both blogs to see what “the other guy ‘say.As was a bonus, if you use both Trackback from your blog, you ‘ t even a mini-link party that other people talking to participate in similar issues .. 3 – You have a good character rantThe intimate voice of the blog is good for the volunteer, walk angry. But as a professional, Don ‘t get distracted, and remember to save your thoughts with someone facts.4 function as my phone call or something somewhereI “Day “. As I zip around the Net economy and the application of my research when I called attention to a valuable resource or tool that could find my audience, I hit my blog bookmarklet and save that bad boy for later.Then when I worked for a while to get full blown, I ‘ll resources of the Crown, food, tool, or download the freebie featured “Deal of the Day “, the word change a lot, something more appropriate as required. After a while, my audience started to see it as a feature, as opposed to the interruption in my mad, mad to talk rambles.5-Let someone an angry changeInviteGuest blogger, or post an article that offers free reprint rights, in the same way as in a newsletter. Of course, you want to leave the resource box is, or let the guest promote their site, which brings me to the most common complaints about this tactic. “But I don ‘t want to send people on my side. ” Guess what? You ‘s never believe what I found. Ready? In a recent startling discovery, I ‘ve found that 100% of my visitors eventually turn off their computers or other drastic measures that cause them to leave my site. Obviously, this is prevention, even if it for hours sometimes with good stable content.Of course you don ‘t want to send them on their way prematurely, but if you ‘ s a good blogger, and is You can ensure that they connect to your blog or e-mail updates feeding site, they ‘s be back. Just be sure you ‘re good enough for them reason.In waiting because they don ‘ t going to leave anyway, it might as well be somewhere that gives you some benefit.So direct or in-directly there you have it – enough material for five more days posts.Happy blogging!

Marketing Guide Book The E-Book Handbook – A Thoroughly Practical Guide to Formatting, Publishing, Marketing, and Selling Your E-Book

“Eight months after publishing my first e-book I was earning enough profit to be able to dedicate myself full-time to writing and selling e-books.” That statement from the author along with the current statistics of thriving e-book and e-reader sales are all the motivation you will read in this guide, as the rest of the book is dedicated to clearly and thoroughly explaining exactly how to create, publish, market, and sell your own e-book.

The E-Book Handbook is a comprehensive guide that will help you create, publish, and market your own e-book and sell it online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple – all easily and inexpensively.

Using the knowledge, tools, and tips gained from the author’s experience as a best-selling e-book writer, The E-Book Handbook clearly and thoroughly explains every step of the e-book process from formatting through marketing.

This guide explains how to reach the widest audience by properly creating and converting your text for PDF,

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Be Richer! Game Review

Be Richer! is a city building and management game, the sequel to one of the best candidates to play Build-a-lot. Create cities booming, with residential, commercial and monumental … in your quest to build a real estate empire! Like its predecessor to be rich!, Is the continuation of a similar story. You run a small-time real estate company was contracted to improve neighborhoods with homes, commercial property and improved landscaping. As you become more successful, your jobs are more lucrative and more difficult, leaving you with the big boys in the industry.That property ‘s where the similarity ends to play. Be Richer! has many new features on the original that you ‘d be surprised it was produced by the same company. In addition, the game seems to move towards a simulation game high, like the legendary SimCity games.You start the game as a real estate costs wannabes, eager to enter the lucrative industry. Your first decision is to choose to be your advisor / mentor. The person who provided you with useful tips and advice during the progress through the career of game.You district neighborhood. In each scenario district /, you are invited by the mayor orcommunity leaders to increase the value of the site. You will be given tasks for each scenario, whether by upgrading it to build houses, buildings or premises, or landmark. You must also make a profit, rental income against a target scenarios ‘has expired. As expected, further progress you in the game, more types of buildings you have to build / manage tasks more complex and difficult and progress through the various neighborhoods are.The scenario scenarios, each with a distinct feel and atmosphere – the grass and quaint to modern steel and inner-city of glass. You will also encounter scenarios where you build a “heart ” for the district as a shopping center, a zoo and even a purse! In addition, you are responsible, as you progress through the profession, you are also able to neighborhoods giant sandbox mode, you design and build to unlock your heart ‘s desire.What makes this game unique among other cities-building games is similar to the transition to a more simulation game, SimCity Classic. In Be Richer! almost every place on the map can be used toConstruction and decoration. You can build your buildings anywhere as long as there is enough space. You can even shave the roads to clear your property if you do not have enough roads to connect all the buildings in the neighborhood. Just like in real life, the roads deteriorate over time and now must be maintained! To help another new feature and much appreciated is the ability to adjust the specialized staff to win your millions. You have a gradually increasing number of executives “slots ” where you can hire managers with specific expertise. You want a manager who makes the building more quickly, or do you prefer a manager who can find the best deals around? There are so many managers that you won ‘t be able to rent all of their choice so smart! Managers also your gameplay so you create a completely different game, you use a different set of things much more managers.There to be richer! Even small things like people walking around the city, flying over their daily lives on the helicopter. This game is a jewel in the city building and the type of management, with sound4.0/5.0: dose strategy and simulation thrown in. A for all fans of the genre. Rating game must-try

Business Blogging: DIY or hire a blogger

Blogging is to combine an extremely powerful mechanism to communicate with them and ignore the millions of potential customers, who make no other company can. Most entrepreneurs have discovered the power of the media and blogs have jumped on the blogging train. However, only few of them might be able to build blogs is able to communicate with the audience.A blog is a mirror image of your brand and therefore it is absolutely essential that it conveys the image correctly. Rent or do-it-yourself an expert? When it comes to creating a blog is excellent, what can? The Do-It-Yourself ApproachThe Do-it-yourself approach to blogging has its own advantages and disadvantages. These include: to share the control over the entire process of pros the ability to blogging and real solid information first-hand insider your tendency insightsThe blogs Less than sales pitches lack of sophistication to make content creation to find the enthusiasm of the engine-making decline from lack of work timeHow blogs dedicated yourself when contractors write their own blogs, they are struggling to resist a sales pitch. Turn in your post is a sales pitch, the last thing you want to do, that readers could donate ‘t you feel compelledMaterial.People advertising just read a blog search for information that will solve the problem is a problem. Also, make sure your users content.If an interesting and informative your content is not optimized for search engines that your blog is likely to go unnoticed. May be irresistible to your blog for search engines, you need to find specific keywords in the industry and content writing spiced with the right keywords.When you ‘re busy running a business will find the time research and write his challenge. Since the writing process requires close attention, you can take heart from your business. You need to set aside a certain amount of time and place to ensure that the content is always updated on a regular basis. If you ‘ re do not have the ability to constantly update your blog, despite your best efforts is the best thing you can do to take care of someone else in your blog.Hiring like a blogger approach to DIY, to hire a blogger also use their own sets of pros and cons: Pro’s expertise in content display regular search engine optimized Less time on core business costs ActivitiesThe limited control over the process Focus shiftHow ensure workNo win without itPain. The same applies to the establishment of a blogger to write true to your blog. If you invest in hiring a professional, you get a range of experience.To full control over the process, make sure check used. This way you help people who were hired to write a blog, you enrich your copy with an exclusive overview of the industry and ensure that all track.When right you have control over the process, it can be no question of fear of change of focus. Now you have weighed the pros and cons ‘DIY ‘ and ‘set to take a blogger “approach, a smart business decision to grow your business blog and open up new avenues for sales and success.

Strategy game in real time – What they can do for you in real life?

Have you tired of playing the race card boring repetitive, or fight the same old games? Do you want a game that is fun to play, exciting, overwhelming, or the one that holds your interest during rush hour? If you want something new, so maybe strategy games online are just the thing for you! Online games are now increasingly popular with many people. Good game graphics are looking in the eyes of most of the players caught. In addition, the use of logic and reason to play strategy games attracted many people. People think it’s really exciting because they are different challenges intelligent people around the world. To win by outwitting the opponent is the main goal of these Games. Win a strategy game ‘s done by accident or chance, not by physical ability. Winning depends on how you plan your tactics, how to make your project, and how fast can offer solutions to some unexpected situations to think. Strategy games in real time can against a computer or a friend or play against others online. You can play solo or have a small team. What is the mode you choose,Strategy games are always with careful planning and critical thinking. Real-time strategy will create test your intelligence, decision-making skills and skills strategy. In addition, if you work with a team, are online games to test your social skills and leadership qualities that well.Moreover, a real-time strategy game is not just all about the battles and win games. This is not just about who makes the best tactic. The fun begins when you actually interact with other players online. Social interaction, you get allows you to train a group of new friends and challenge competitors. The interaction in strategy games in real time you can share your opinion or discuss matters.Traditionally involved, we play games on a board. But with the help of progressive digital media, strategy games online are generally available and accessible on the Internet. With a few clicks, you ‘ll find that you are playing a game, if you’re in the comfort of your home or in your office a break. There’s a lot of online games for you to choose. A wide range of genres such as role playing, simulation games, building sets of city / village and simulation games arewidely available on the market. No matter what type suites you best, real-time games are always fun, challenging and unpredictable mind. You can play for hours without getting bored. These games keep you motivated, interested and your brain aroused.Playing computer games is not really a waste of time. May in the game is strategy games in real time is very rewarding and satisfying. It is worth your time, because online games not only offer entertainment but also the mental exercises. Online strategy games are supposed to help your brain sharp as well.

Business Blogging – Why a blog for your online business presence is not negotiable

If you want to build an online business, you have a blog. Blogging has become the way people know who you are and what you do, so it is not negotiable. After a month or a blog, is a daily activity that you can actually look forward to being. My blog is my home on the internet and I am always ready, the information I share with my readers.There only two options for your blog platform. I use both, mostly because I get so many blogs. TypePad is a simple way to your blog in an hour or two, and is hosted by Typepad. There are about 200 different topics to choose from, or you can just yourself. I always recommend that Typepad blogging platform for people you is to create a blog quickly and without the need for these specialized Features.Recreational who want more flexibility in their blogs, WordPress the way to go. There are plug-ins on, allow your blog in an engine optimization search engine, you can easily download audio and video form, andmore things than you ever imagined, even a conventional site. WordPress blogs require more technical knowledge are established and maintained, but you may find that you prefer to learn new things to make a site that is capable of both more.More and more people now use blogs rather than websites because search engines love fresh new content. You can build your business online with your blog, and people can easily spot when you search for your keywords on Google or one of the other search engines.

Secrets of big cities Cityville – This resource is your city a vast empire Cityville

Cityville is a game more fun and interesting, where you can build your own virtual city. At first it seems that building a city the city is a city very simple and easy task, it seems that you build your city in a few hours or days, but after a few days, you will find that it is not easy. When I started the construction of the city, I thought the same way. I thought it was a simple game that anyone can play and control, but later I realize that it is not, and the City makes the city very interesting. It is strategy game where all you give to a certain stress, your mind, a beautiful kingdom, how to build your own town. At first, everything goes very quickly in this game, the beginner will build more quickly, you will need to complete certain objectives and some houses and shops. On the other hand, if your city to progress everything is complicated, and then began their citizens unhappy, your energy level decreases, you have more goods and leveling is difficult.When you get into higher levels high, it is not clearto understand what to do, it is difficult to what to buy, what crops to plant, where houses and shops and place to follow this plan Cityville. It is so frustrating that we feel that, the game, but you can not give up, because in a competition. Cityville and this is very enthusiastic. In the game of Cityville you are always competing with your friends or your neighbors Cityville. So if you want to make your Cityville powerful, you need some secret information or tips and tricks to help you, a great and beautiful city is built with Cityville company. I did some research and found a great source of domination secrets Cityville. He is the complete guide to tell you how totally Cityville Cityville dominate.