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Well, I ‘s admit it. I’m on Facebook most days. In fact, several times in a given day. My children all have a place on MySpace and I tried, but just didn ‘t be too. MySpace has just didn ‘t seem to fit me. Then I found Facebook and it has its hooks in my jaw. Just seemed like a good place to find out with old friends and new people. Maybe it’s a question of age, it seems that MySpace is for young people, but Facebook is not.The are many applications and games to play on Facebook and I ‘ve tried a few. I’m going to play a regular or Metro Metropolis. J ‘ve always loved simulation games and have a box full of records, CDs and DVDs of the games that I ‘ ve tried and played for a while. Since I had played games in the metro urban past, seemed like a good thing to try. You decide the name of a city and country in which the city will be built. I built my city in the land of Israel and grew up a young city with one of the largestCities in the country.In order to increase my city, I studied a little about how the game works and see what others have “Mayors ‘. J I found six key success that will help you play the game, your city to thrive. Here they are: Make your tax rate to 37%. It seems that the magic number if you also higher, you lose the chance to quickly and all the bass, you don ‘t attract sufficient funds. Visit your city every morning and evening and bring happiness. I found that I visit in the city, check on the happiness and build things that give happiness regularly need to keep me more than 20% chance. In 20% chance that you get no tax revenue and actually start losing money. You can t make ‘to the $ 0 , 00. If you need to restart the game. Visit really don ‘t take too long. Getting a large number of reliable connections. You can store up to 1000 connections to fill a regular basis or entertain can have your city. The more connections you have, the more people you have your links (as they are regular “poppers “). How do you get up to 1000 connections? WellThere are a number of ways. I regularly see the wall and for cities in need of compounds I check the walls and even search for bodies on the walls to request connections. A faster way is to join one of several underground groups on Facebook. When I say reliable connections, I mean those who visit your town to meet and or talk regularly. You can use this way to check your report of connections. I regularly and you delete the report to interact all connections that ‘s my city with almost daily. Fill your life connected cities. This is of crucial importance. The most active mayors to verify their connection to report regularly and weed “lazy ” cities. Visit the site regularly and the wall of the population. I found that if the wall and people will ask people to visit the players “Pop ” you. You can also ask people to the wall. Enough of the population is important for the success of your city. Public Works Building. It is important to continue to build. Check your city status and all the signs of the city are in order. If any of the indices are low, to build something that the index increases. At that time, there are four indices: education, health, crime andFire. Keep them all where they should be (the game tells you where). Also build things that create jobs and make money. You need money to build things and keep everything in balance. So those are my six keys to success in my city subway. Try it and see if they don ‘t work for you. Maybe I can ‘s one sees on the subway and we connect!

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