A Personal Injury Settlement Amount Is Impossible To Determine

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When a person is involved in any type of accident, auto, work or any other and they seek an attorney to represent them much of the settlement amount will depend on how their case it built by the attorney and on the insurance company and insurance adjuster. Some insurance companies, will ow ball your lawyer and leave him no choice but to sue. The jury who will hear the evidence and make their decision how much of a verdict should be awarded to the plaintiff, and often the defense attorney can gauge whether the case should settle on the court house steps.Choosing the right attorney in Irvine, Cypress or Dana Point who will investigate your accident and has experts who will testify in court will help the amount of the settlement in many cases. However, the end result is what the witnesses, insurance adjustor’s, and if unable to settle, the jury has heard, and comprehends about your accident. While this may sound easy, each accident is unique and has elements that need to be explained to the jury in a manner that they will fully understand.The attorney that you have chosen also needs to present himself in a manner that the jury will listen to with their full attention, one that has experience in the type of accident you have suffered and has a skilled staff and experts at their disposal.This alone can help the amount of your court house steps settlement, a well presented case will have more effect on the jury than a poorly presented case, this is also the reason why a personal injury settlement amount is impossible to determine and is almost always an educated guess. This is because the amount of your settlement ultimately lies in the hands of the attorneys, insurance company and if unable to settle, the jury, and what they understand about the injuries that you have wrongly suffered. When a jury is confident they understand a case and the injuries involved they will also feel confident in awarding the proper amount of verdict to the injury victim.It is wise to understand this because as each accident and injury are unique so is each person and it takes experience to tell a story to twelve unique individuals, giving them the proper information to all come to the same decision at the same time and with the same information. For this reason this is why a personal injury settlement amount is impossible to determine, and if it is unreasonable, it will be the decision of twelve unique individuals as a damages verdict.

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