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I have been using my one week affiliate marketing guide with great success and achieved good results. The reason I call it my one week affiliate marketing guide is, because it takes you step-by-step from day one to day seven. These steps are easily broken down into easy to follow instructions to guide you through every step on how to make money on the internet. So many people get distracted and confused and don’t know where to start. Well I have paid a lot of school money before I decided that I have to stop joining all sorts of programs and buying every e-book that looked like it had the golden answer. If you’re trapped in this evil habit then I would like to help you getting on a fast track to make your first money on the internet.You most probably have heard about affiliate marketing and how people make money from it. The first important thing you need to realize is that you need to have a solid plan of action and follow your plan on a daily basis. Without a plan of action you will be like someone shooting in the dark and jumping from one thing to another. While I was searching for guidance on how to start an internet business and what steps I needed to follow I came across The One Week Marketing Planwritten by PotPieGirl.From all the stuff I have bought, this was the only program I have tried that produced results within two weeks. This program brought a turning point in my business and since then I have followed it to the tee. The most important thing I have learnt from this program is how important it is to stay focused and follow the plan. The second vital thing is to have patience. You cannot expect if you try a new thing for the first time you gonna have money in your account the next day. It just doesn’t work like that. Any new business goes through a test and try phase until your are confident what is working and what not. I can promise you if you follow The One Week Marketing Plan and have patience you will be surprise with the results.The One Week Affiliate Marketing Guide: A summary of the steps I follow every day

Choose a Niche.
Choose a product at for that Niche.
Choose 5 long tail keywords with less than 10 000 monthly searches.
Create a Squidoo lens at for each long tail keyword.
Write an article for each Squidoo lens.
Monitor your ranking in Google.
Link your Squidoo lenses and start your own blog at
Write more articles and link them to your Squidoo lenses.
Link your squidoo lenses to your blog.
Now you have built a spiderweb which starts sending traffic to your Squidoo lenses and your blog. The more people who see your Squidoo lenses the more will click your affiliate links and the more sales you will make. I know this sounds time consuming, but these methods has put a monthly income into my pocket and very soon I will be in a position to quit my full time job. Do you have the patience and willpower to try this? Remember that these methods are all free methods to use and will be the best way to start your internet business.

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