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Perhaps you’ve already heard of affiliate marketing and how one can earn a decent living through it. You would like to try it for yourself but you don’t know a thing about it or perhaps you don’t really know where to start. What you need is an Affiliate Marketing Guide. This is something that would help you understand the what, the how as well as the why of Affiliate Marketing. A good Affiliate Marketing Guide would explain to you how it works as well as show you a tip or two to help you get started. That’s what this article is going to provide you with.Okay, so first in our Affiliate Marketing Guide is the question that every newbie asks, how does Affiliate Marketing work? Basically Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Programs are revenue sharing deals put together by companies who sell their services and products online. You, as a website owner would be compensated for every customer you are able to send to their company website. This is the same thing as the pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale programs that many people are participating in. They are also very easy to get into. The terms and conditions vary from program to program so be sure to read it properly. After doing that, all you have to do now is to put a link on your site, blog or newsletter that would connect you to the company or the vendor. If someone on your website clicks on said link and then they purchase something from the company you will earn a commission.Affiliate Marketing Guide topic number two, how do you do it? Well, first of all you would need a website or at least a blog. But before you can actually do that, you should think about who you want to sell the products to. Basically, it is about selecting your target market. Are they women? Men? Both? Which age group? Be very specific because the more precise you are the greater the chance that people would actually be interested in buying what you are promoting. Think about what they would like, where would they hang-out, the things that they read and the websites they visit. The more knowledge you have about a particular group of people the better your chances are at catching their attention.Affiliate Marketing Guide topic number 3, how can you attract people to go to your website or to your blog? Again, it’s about finding a niche. Think about a topic that you are most interested in and then think of the people who might be interested in the same thing. Those people are your market or your audience. OR you can try doing it like this. Instead of creating a website about something that excites you, what about creating one about one of the most discussed topics right now? Because eventually, the deeper you get into the topic, you’ll end up being very interested in it too. The more you learn and the more interested you are, the less will it seem like work.Now remember, for this to work you would need lots and lots of traffic directed to your website. You would need at least 500 unique visitors per day. The only way you can do that is to find a niche, just one thing and one market. Besides the numbers you would also need to develop credibility for yourself, so make sure that when you write about something, you really know what you’re talking about. Research is key but it’s also best to write from first hand experience. Then there’s getting people to click on the links and purchase something. So be sure to promote really good products on your site.That’s about it. A simple Affiliate Marketing Guide for those who are just starting out and for those who want to give it a try.

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