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Finding an affiliate marketing guide will be good for you if you are going to start an online affiliate marketing business. Once you read an affiliate marketing guide, you will know what to do to become an owner of a successful affiliate business. So, here is the free affiliate marketing guide for you.Tip 1. Build an email list
Experts say that if you have a big list of email subscribers, then you can make your living online. As an affiliate, it is very important to build an email list of your subscribers. Normally, a subscriber is more eager person rather than a usual visitor. So, you need to make your subscribers more eager to buy your product. But how will you do that? Well, you can do that by providing information again and again for free. You should provide more valuable information to them.Another great method is to buy a PLR product and distribute it to all your subscribers for free. And tell them that only you’re providing this product for free. The advantage of PLR product is you can distribute it or sell it as your own product.There is one more idea to make a big list of emails. You can provide free videos on your niche to your visitors. You just need to embed YouTube links on your affiliate website. Also, you can make your own videos. For this, you just need a video camera and just tell something about your niche.2. Build a blog
Now you’re following an affiliate marketing guide, the second step you need to do is to create a blog especially for SEO purpose. Your main purpose is to appear this blog in search engines and get highly targeted traffic from search engines. As we know search engines deliver plenty of targeted traffic without any cost. So it is very doable to invest a little money on making a SEO friendly blog. Write 30-50 or 100s articles and post them on your blog. And you should make links to each post to another post. It will make your blog SEO friendly. If you don’t want to write articles, then you can hire someone to write articles for you. When your blog appear on search engines, it will bring thousands of visitors to your affiliate website and merchant website. And finally, you will get more affiliate commissions.So, this was an affiliate marketing guide. You can use the information of this affiliate marketing guide on your affiliate business to make more sales. There are lots of benefits for being an affiliate and working at home. And if you do it properly, you can make your living as well as you can become rich.

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