Affiliate Marketing Guide – Guide for beginners to start a profitable affiliate marketing

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Are you a complete newbie who is looking for an affiliate marketing guide to start promoting products for commissions? Don’t you have any experience as an affiliate marketer? Then this affiliate marketing guide is for you.Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online businesses that are used by thousands of people to make their living. The basic of this business is to promote a digital product and get huge commission on each sale. It seems hard to make a sale, but this affiliate marketing guide is written for you to make it easy.

1. Find your passion
Think about a niche in which you have a great interest. In affiliate business you have an option to do what you love. And you can make money by doing this. There are lots of digital products are available in almost topics. You can easily find products on business, self help, heath, nutrition, relationship etc. so, you can choose a niche that fits on your passion. Remember that passion makes work fun and easy.

2. Find a reputed and high paying affiliate product
After choosing a niche, you should find a reputed and high paying affiliate program. Before picking up any product to promote, you must take some searches on Google about its reputation. Affiliate business is all about building relationship. Don’t decrease your value by promoting a wrong product. Finding a good affiliate product is very easy; you can find this on ClickBank marketplace. ClickBank describes very clearly which product is selling well. Once you pick up some products, thereafter you should take some reviews about those products on online forums. If you find that the product hasn’t any negative feedbacks on online forums, then you can start promoting that product.Good venders always provide promotion materials likes banners, ebooks and promotional articles, and also they instruct you how to promote their product properly.

3. Make your online store and promote product
So, you have products to promote and get huge commission. Now you should have an online store to place these products and affiliate links. So what will be your online store? You just need to have a website or blog to place all your affiliate links. Once you set up your affiliate website, you need to promote it and build traffic on it. Article marketing is very useful technique to get highly qualified traffic for free. Another great technique to get high quality traffic is to run a blog for SEO purpose and make it SEO friendly. Put your affiliate links and the link of your affiliate website on it. When it appears on search engines, you will get huge amount of targeted traffic.So, this is an affiliate marketing guide for beginners. Follow this guide and apply its methods on your marketing campaign. If you do it properly, you will find yourself in the group of top affiliates.

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