Affiliate Marketing Guide – How important is article marketing, your affiliate business?

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Probably the first question your asking now is “What is Article Marketing?” Well Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses or individuals write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace usually through article directories such as EzineArticles etc.To be honest if you really want to have a successful affiliate marketing business you really need to have article marketing as the core of your advertising and traffic generation strategy.
Why? One of the keys to having a successful affiliate business is building a successful profitable mailing list and part of being able to develop these list is being able to supply high quality information and content for your customers to review so they may have a better understanding of your product or offer. Here are just some of the reasons why article marketing is vital to your online business.1: By creating many article over a period of time you are also creating excellent information which will provide you with excellent written resources of content you will be able to use later for other projects including, using it on your blog or sending it to your subscribers as a newsletter and free gift. Writing high quality articles, help develop you as a brand name and your reputation will also be enhanced as an expert in your field or niche you are marketing. This is a vital aspect as it puts credibility in your comments and recommendations of products to your customers. Further to this as your article list grows you will also be able to use them as part of a teleseminar, online video report ebook or even program or course on that niche which you will be able to sell to your customers as a merchant.2: Developing many articles targeted at the niche you are selling your product through will gain a huge consistent targeted traffic flow to your website when you distribute your articles and information online. This is important as your list development and SEO ranking will only improve with the efficiency and volume created by quality links to your site from articles. This is the huge advantage of article marketing being that you are able to get very targeted precise traffic to your website as only readers who want more information about your product will click on the link in the article and go to your website.3: The more articles you write on a subject the more you are learning about the product you are advertising. You will then be known online as an expert in that niche or product field. This means reader will know that your knowledge is excellent and you are providing valuable information for free.As you can see to be a successful affiliate marketer you do need to understand the basic concepts of article marketing as well and use them. Getting this aspect right and using article marketing strategies correctly, you will be able to build your list, your reputation and more.

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