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When I first started I wish there was an affiliate marketing guide to help me succeed. There are actually many programs that promise to make you money but in reality are either outdated or no use. I’ve become successful in this field through experience and failures. This is a short guide on how you can become a successful marketer and even make a living online like I do.What I learned from experience is that the super affiliates do the basics very well. Affiliate marketing is not difficult as others make it. All you are doing is sending targeted traffic to your website or landing page to convert a sale or lead. What you have to do is give the consumer what he wants. That’s it! People make this more difficult by trying to do fancy stuff. Just learn the basics of affiliate marketing and your best.These are the requirements for you to start making money online.1 – Find a affiliate network program that has offers that you could give to customers. When starting out find something that you have knowledge of to make your job more easier.2 – Buy a web hosting and a domain name for your website. This is where your customers will come and it is your job to lead them into buying whatever you are promoting.3 – Find targeted keywords that match your offer. If you are promoting diet pills, try to target your keyword research with these two words. The key words should look like this “buy diet pills,what diet pills work, best diet pills, etc”It is really this simple. The big affiliate marketers are not doing anything special but the basics. What makes them so successful is that they do the basics very well. Follow this simple affiliate marketing guide and you could also make over six figures a year.

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