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Most internet marketing newbies wisely seek out an affiliate marketing guide to lead them quickly to success at making money online. Unfortunately, not very many – percentage-wise – are successful at creating a viable online business.The reasons for failing are plentiful and diverse; some perhaps do not realize that they are, in fact, starting a business. Further, no business will succeed with out a measurable input of effort.The internet is full of get rich quick schemes, some of which offer a turn-key internet business. All you need to do is give them your credit card and you can turn on the spigot to your own money machine.I guess the term newbie does imply a bit of naiveness and perhaps justifiably so; because some get rich selling these scams that not only appear too good to be true, but are.A true, honest and successful affiliate marketing guide should promise no more than what the new affiliate is willing to put into it.First, understand what affiliate marketing is all about, such as how the money is made. There are two primary avenues for the internet marketing newbie to begin making money online.1.) Promote a physical product or service offered by someone else and be paid a commission for leading the buyer to the seller. You can do this on a website you create or use other company’s websites.2.) Create a website, blog or other web property that provides valuable content to the reader and therefore attracts traffic and then make money via ads on the page or integrated into the content.Of the two, the first method is likely to provide results sooner, although the second can be a complementary long term strategy.The key to starting internet marketing though is to focus on one approach and see it through to success before starting another. This is where SO many affiliates falter and ultimately fail. Persist in one thing before beginning another.Next, think about how you would like to communicate with your audience.There are a lot of choices available to the internet marketing newbie, many of which were not available just a few years ago.A traditional route is to write blog posts and articles. This can be done as yourself or by using a pen name that offers you a certain amount of online anonymity.Another is to use an inexpensive webcam, flip camera, video camera or even a half decent cell phone to make some videos and upload them to one or more of a large number of free to post video sites.If on camera does not suit you, try an audio podcast or equivalent where the audience only hears your voice. Perfect for those of use with a face for radio or an affinity for wearing lounge wear all day long.The key is to stick to your affiliate marketing guide, performing each and every step required, until you either find success or can objectively prove that the strategy is flawed and it is time for a new one.I will say, though, that the most common causes for failure among those seeking to make money online is a lack of persistence and follow through, not a flawed plan.

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