Home BonJour Bijoux 8-Cup French Press, Blue

BonJour Bijoux 8-Cup French Press, Blue

  • Feature: Glass and polished steel coffee press
  • Binding: Kitchen
  • Manufacturer: BonJour
  • EAN: 0747660114080
  • UPC: 747660114080
  • Dimensions: 660 x 1030 x 460
  • Weight: 170

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Treat your ground coffee right--put it in a cafetiere, or French press. Just put the grounds in the heat-proof glass carafe, pour on boiling water, add the top, then wait a few minutes before pressing the plunger down to filter the coffee from the grounds. It may be one of the easiest, least-messy ways to make good coffee. A matching measuring scoop is included. A French press is also a simple and convenient way to make tea. --Richard Farr