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4-Ever Best Friends - Girl Party - Brianee and Dianthe

  • Feature:
  • Binding: Toy
  • Manufacturer: Toys
  • EAN: 0035051277309
  • UPC: 035051277309
  • Dimensions: 1160 x 1240 x 280
  • Weight: 100

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It's party time with 4-Ever Friends Calista and Dianthe. This party set include the two 10" dolls plus lots of fun party accessories like a birthday cake, present, 2 sundaes, comb, bracelet, compact with make-up, barrettes, hair clips and a hair dryer. Also includes 2 real-girl sized charm bracelets and the carry case turns into a backpack. 2-cool 2-be 4-real! It's a girl party, and you're invited. Ultra trendy hipsters Calista (brunette) and Dianthe (dark, dark brown) know how to celebrate a birthday in style. These two pals, dressed to the nines in fish-net stockings, belly shirts, mini-skirts, and their finest fancy footwear, are ready to groove on down with cake, ice cream, and gifts. The 9-inch dolls have long, realistic hair and some moveable joints--plus, they can hold hands! Best of all, they can be transported in style in their clear plastic carrying case/backpack (heart-shaped, of course). Accessories include two real charm bracelets (big enough for their human buddies!), tiny earrings, barrettes, hair dryer, crimping iron, faux makeup, birthday party treats, and more. Girls will want to collect all the other 4-Ever friends: Noelle, Akire, Brianee, and Sana. Everything is twice as much fun with a best friend! --Emilie Coulter Amazon.com