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8.6 mm Fusion Rope - Dry by PMI

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Engineered for low impact force, maximum number of falls, zero sheath slippage and high durability, the PMI 86 mm Fusion rope is well suited to glacier travel or as a half rope for trad climbing Features: Get the best of two worlds with this UIAA-rated twin and half rope Your rope will be less impacted by damp conditions thanks to the dry treatment that prevents moisture absorption With the exception of glacier travel, this rope should always be used in pairs Specifications: Diameter: 86 mm (Both) Length: 60 meters to 70 meters Type: half and twin Weight per meter: 50 grams (Both) UIAA Falls: 20 (Half); 17 (Twin) Dry treated: yes (Both) Impact force: 95 kN (Half), 55 kN (Twin) Static elongation: 64% (Half); 55% (Twin)