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10 Secrets to More Productive Fishing

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Larry Green was born in San Francisco, CA in 1937 and resided in the Bay Area where his love of fishing developed. He began his career as an outdoor writter, then was employed by the Fish & Game dept. He has fished practically every mile of both fresh and salt water resources in California , as well as seven other western states and Canada and Mexico. In his book he talks about-- 1. Developing your fishing awareness. 2. Know your Fish. 3. Fish by method--not by chance 4. the right tackle for the right job. 5. fishing natural baits. 6. fishing artificial baits & Lures 7. Reading water and other signs 8. the strike and the set 9. properly playing a fish 10. Properly landing a fish. Additional information-- Proper care of your catch Some helpful knots you should know 80 pages