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Baby Body Lotion Mababa 13.5 oz Lotion

  • Feature: Mababa
  • Binding: Health and Beauty
  • Manufacturer: Mababa
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  • Dimensions: 370 x 570 x 140
  • Weight: 95

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Mababa Baby Body LotionDescription:Keep baby's sensitive skin soft, healthy, and moisturized with Mababa's Baby Body Lotion. Specially formulated with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and natural oils to sooth baby's delecate skin without irritating eyes during normal use. Free of Parabens, petroleum products, dyes, and animal fats. Directions: Use only as directed. Apply a small amount of lotion to palm and smooth over baby's skin. Use every day all over baby and reapply as needed. Ingredients:Amount per serving:% Daily Value: + Purified WaterGlycerinOlea Europaea (Olive) fruit OilHelianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed OilTocopherolStearic AcidButyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)Glyceryl StearateCetearyl GlucosideAloe BarbadensisCetearyl AlcoholBenzoic AcidSorbic AcidXanthum GumSodium BicarbonateCalendula Officianalis Flower ExtractAvena Sativa (Oat) extractSodium Chloride & NatamycinPanthenolPersea Gratissima (avocado) OilBorago Officinalis Seed OilKey to Ingredients:
= Daily Value not established.
+ = Percent Daily Value is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
? = Values differ depending on age
? = Values differ depending on age