Home Cyclo (73-530x4-4PK) Microfiber Terry Pad Cover, (Pack of 4)

Cyclo (73-530x4-4PK) Microfiber Terry Pad Cover, (Pack of 4)

  • Feature: Final wax buff
  • Binding: Automotive
  • Manufacturer: Cyclo
  • EAN: 0182263000369
  • UPC: 182263000369
  • Dimensions: 530 x 850 x 160
  • Weight: 15

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Use Genuine Cyclo pad covers for an extreme shine, final wax buff and upholstery cleaning. Pad covers fit snugly over foam pads with a durable elastic cuff and are come in three varieties: microfiber suede, microfiber terry and cotton terry. This pad cover, the microfiber suede, is the finest and softest of the three. It is a very low pile, soft but durable fabric that may be used after wax removal to pick up the last few bits of wax residue and buff to a gorgeous shine the waxed finish. Cleans up well for many repeated uses with Cyclo's CTI pad care - pad cleaner.