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Air force members are also prone to debts, just as people working in other fields. An air force person with a lot of unsecured debt can avail of an air force debt consolidation loan. These loans help to consolidate and eliminate all kinds of debts. Air force debt consolidation loans are provided by lenders who offer special services to air force crews.To qualify for an air force debt consolidation loan, one must be an active duty air force person, or a 20 year career retired air force person. Air force debt consolidation loans are unsecured loans and thus do not need any collateral. The rules, interests and loan limits vary considerably. These loans have lower interest rates, often below 8%. This makes them a good option for debt consolidation. The upper limit of these loan amounts usually depend on the person?s rank in the air force. Usually, the loan limit ranges between $500 and $10,000.The benefits of air force debt consolidation loans include earliest payoff of debts, lack of any collateral, lower interest rates, lower total monthly payments, no late charges, improved credit ratings, free budget and credit counseling. Above all they ensure a hassle free state of mind. These loans are always helpful in avoiding bankruptcy and harassment from creditors.Most air force debt consolidation loan providers will take all your unsecured bills, negotiate with creditors for a reduction in cash balance and then consolidate all the debts into a single debt. The total amount to be paid is then offered as a low interest loan. Most of these loans are long term loans. Unlike other consolidation loans, the interest rates do not often vary much from the original rate. It makes these loans more affordable.Most of the air force debt consolidation loan providers are military debt consolidation loan providers. They also give loans with the same rules and rates to U.S. Army and Navy. They cover all unsecured debts such as credit card debt, personal loans, medical bills, student loans, collection accounts, legal bills and department store bills. Most of these loan providers maintain good online services, quite helpful in online loan applying and doubt clearing. Many air force debt consolidation loans can be found near air force base locations. But it is wiser to shop around, search on the Internet, and compare rates before selecting a loan lender.

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