Are Student Loans Worth it Any More?

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Student loans and the price of going to college have gotten out of hand. Almost everyone agrees that it is important for kids to go to college but now that is costs so much, people might be reconsidering. There has to be a point where the high cost overrides the benefits of going to a 4-year college.Doctors and lawyers have always had to pay very high costs to get their degrees. Not only is the cost of that type of an education steep, but they also have to have more than a four-year degree. This is offset by the fact that once you become a doctor or lawyer, there is a good likelihood that you can recoup all those expenses and pay your loans back. You are in essence, paying money (for the degree) to make money later.The concern is though, that college has just gotten way too expensive for the normal student. Most people who graduate from college will not be able to get a high paying job right away and will have trouble paying off their student loans. Is a college degree really important enough to have to start your adult work life $40,000 or more in debt? This is the question students are faced with now days.Transitioning from student and college life into the workforce is not an easy task for anyone. However, if you have to do it with the weight of a big student loan on your shoulders it may be too stressful. Now days, it is possible for a newly graduated student to be in debt for many years to come after graduating college. Surely there must be a point where the value of the degree is not greater than it’s cost.President Obama wants to change student loans so that they are not private and all go through the US government. His thinking is that the government can give students a lower loan rate than private companies are willing to. Is this another attempt to socialize a part of our lives or is this an idea that really may work? The government has never been able to run business in an effective manner and this is probably no exception. However, depending on how this unfolds, we may get a chance to see first hand whether this idea is a good one.


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