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An article marketing guide is a useful tool for any person who is new to the article marketing field. In fact about 97% of people who start the business fail and here is the reason why. For any good business to succeed you must have a good plan. Any business owner can tell you that. That is what the article marketing guide provides you. It will give you a good step-by-step plan to follow as you are learning this process. We have all been “new” to the article marketing world and I know it can be confusing at first, especially if you do not have friends doing this too. This article marketing guide gives you the steps that I have found most successful to get a beginner to his or her first pay check.Article Marketing Guide – Steps to Succeed
The first step in this article marketing guide is to select a product to promote. I suggest that you spend a few minutes to read over the page and ask yourself this question. Would I buy this product? The reason I tell you to ask this because if you think it makes you want to buy the product then it will make other people want to buy it. This is not too difficult because all you have to do is sit back and read the page.
Now you will want to go ahead and get your affiliate link and your clickbank account set up. Now the clickbank account is a very simple process. Once you go to it you sign up for a free account. This account is how you will get paid and all your paychecks come in to this account so you get one large check. Next you will get the affiliate link. While on clickbank you look up the product that you have decided to promote. You then just click the button to get your affiliate link and it will go ahead and give you the web link.
Now you want to prepare your ezine articles account. Once again it is free to sign up and will never cost you anything. Spend a little bit of time just playing around with your accounts so you can learn ezine articles and what they will and will not allow you to do.
The last step to this article marketing guide is to write your articles. I would suggest you start off by writing just a few articles each day. It may seem slow at first but as you get going you will get better and better at writing articles and eventually it will become 2nd nature to you. The more articles you have means more people will read your articles and the more people who read your articles the more money you will make.

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