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There is a definite honesty found in a program that teaches the inputs and outputs of internet marketing through careful study of affiliate marketing, profiting with and without a website, and search engine optimization. I know because I ordered this program a year ago and I have learned a great deal. This program has taken me much farther than any other program being sold on the web. Prior to ordering honest riches, I learned internet marketing the hard way.I bought into some of the hyped up claims made by gurus selling the dream through screen shots of enormous PayPal deposits and sizable bank deposits. Sound familiar? I finally found a credible program after several “q” and “a” sessions with a dozen internet marketing peers in some of the home business forums. These good people steered me straight into the direction of ordering this product. I will confess that a large part of my decision to purchase honest riches was attributed to the cost being lower than some of the competition out there. More importantly though, the author’s sales pitch seemed less flashy and contained more substance. I wanted to subscribe to a program where I was actually going to learn the internet marketing tricks of the trade, and not be sold on Italian sports cars and pictures of money.Ms. Mann’s book, Honest Riches teaches the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur in the world of internet marketing. For those that do not know, Internet marketing is the promotion of products which can be software (e-book) or tangible goods through use of a website, blog, forum posting, or a variety of other network advertisements. Effective promotion of such products can generate a substantial part time to full time income. I knew about Internet Marketing before reading Honest Riches, but really did not get the fundamentals of effective product promotion. The honesty behind this guide is found in the resources provided by the author. Ms. Mann provides all sorts of free references on learning how to get started with this exciting new income opportunity.It is refreshing to finally purchase an internet marketing guide that does not continue to beg for more money for some “upgraded” level of service. Ms. Mann understands that most individuals purchasing her product are probably on a shoe string budget, so she wrote her guide with such limited resources in mind. She provides numerous free educational links throughout her e-book in addition to providing a free website template as well as forum support with Honest Riches.
With respect to legitimacy and integrity, Ms. Mann has been straight up with me. She did not sell me the dream. I now know my opportunities for “riches” are out there when I do the work.

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