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Can we really work with clients who want a blog? Some companies understand and some companies ‘s business Many Don ‘ t that the connection is with the customer a great way to increase sales and grow their business.Communicating with customers, which seems a little one blog “buddy ” for many old-school entrepreneurs. But in a world where people are constantly moving, changing jobs and work put under enormous stress, to achieve the ability to be a trusted advisor or a specialist of great help to the distress of many customers.You a trusted advisor to talk to your customers or clients to them and listen to their problems. We all want to do business with people , feel confident and we think we understand us.Tips increase customer connections with BlogUse your blog with comments from visitors to collect. Unless you are a large number of spam comments or spam are concerned, have always your blog posts to your readers to interact with all the comments about you.Read you receive carefully. Always get all the comments, the response made by a legitimate reader, even if a complaint or something that seems negative.Even be a negativeComment can have a positive effect when you are dealing with it responsibly and professionally. I consider myself to negative comments, if more than one blog, I am not familiar, just to see how bloggers managed the situation. If well managed, I am inclined to think that it is genuine, sincere and fresh fire.By according to excerpts of e-mails are on my blog, you will be able to answer questions that the articles, your customers will feel able to write, but don ‘t talk about often.Read your email and they respond quickly and promptly. Sometimes emails are used (with permission of course) as examples of common customer questions, issues or issues.You and custom compounds using online chat can be improved. With this new technology, so customers can be via VOIP (voice over IP) call. With VoIP customers in a position to call your business are in real time on your site! As any system of online chat and real-time mobile messaging are affordable and relatively easy to install.These are some ways you can use your blog to connect and build relationships with customers and prospects.

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