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Business continuity planning is a term popular in the last two decades and has to plan the design, if an earthquake is a shocking and viruses. As threats continue to develop the company in relation to your business today? How can you afford network downtime? How should we think about design, and threats to business-critical information systems and do what we can do to protect yourself? As my father once said.? “Preparation and planning prevents poor performance (I took the liberty to change the variables) What is the continuity of business continuity planning business planning is the process by which companies the preservation or restoration, including services to customers from the Side effects, such as natural disasters, technological, human error, malicious code, viruses and ensure / can, or cyber-terrorism. The purpose of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to highlight the economic losses the company will continue to minimize serve customers and the negative effects of interference may be with the company’s strategic plans, reputation, operations, market position, and the ability, in compliance laws and regulations to stay. To ensure the company is limited by the severe and unexpected interruption is healthy for the continuity of a solid business plan BCP.In stored on the necessary documents, data and system critical information, and largely through the paper, the risk can be managed by natural disasters, accidental fire or riots of the most important factors affecting the safe storage and availability of data and mission-critical systems. The idea of ​​the structure of the pirates on a remote inputs on the walls, and links to information on the treatment only idea of ​​computers in science fiction films. But the threat of cyber attacks has become a reality in time. From: “I love you” virus “Slammer” attacks, threats, apparently a very bad student changes school documents burning in the 60 cyber-pirates without a clutch of worms and viruses that could jeopardize the case in complex networks. Previously, Barney Fife with a flashlight and walkie-talkies may be sufficient for some companies, but safety is an integral part of systems.Today business, information and accounting, the business more on computer data processing and telecommunications. Increased reliance on computers and telecommunications operational support to the potential total losses could result from these properties a significant impact on the overall performance of the company. Information technology and automated systems are central elements in most business processes. Information systems are vulnerable to various diseases, from mild (eg, a brief power failure, lack of unity) or severe (eg, destruction, fire), a variety of sources, such as natural disasters, terrorist activity, viruses, malware, spyware and ad ware . Since resources are critical to the success of the organization, it is important that the network can use the services systems work effectively without undue interference. Downtime Performance: Users can have a significant impact on production, multiplied by the number of hours outside of time, it can be the number of hours, but also a great loss for small businesses and citizens. Not to mention the direct loss of income, profit, loss of future earnings, loss of income, loss of a significant decline in revenues, profits, revenue recognition, cash-flow effect lost savings guarantees “, note, payment, and the society at the expense can call the market price.Other temporary workers, rental equipment, overtime and travel expenses. should also be regarded as corrupt by customers, suppliers, financial markets, business partners and the races or even lost. investigations of the FBI and the Computer Security Institute (www.gocsi. com), said in 2001, had economic losses for the breach of security among the 186 companies surveyed, nearly $ 378 million and $ 266 million, with 249 respondents in 2000. The average price for security breaches, this amounts to approximately $ 2.0 in 2001 to $ 1.0 in 2000 compared. But this is only a fraction of the actual cost.Albert Einstein once said. “Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent” Here are some ways to keep the network available to your business and efficient system to interrupt a specific computer to protect continuity.To identify risk, environmental impact assessment system is needed. a full risk assessment should identify system weaknesses, risks and controls in the dark, and the risk to the likelihood and impact to identify the threats. Because risk may vary over time and new risks may be to replace the old, as the system developed, the risk management process will be continuous and dynamic. Proceedings DAP (Digital Asset Protection) Workshop: Workshop for the DAP allows for the identification and prioritization of critical information and their components. The director should be involved in order to determine the control and preventive measures to minimize the impact of changes in the system error, increasing system availability and life-cycle analysis of safety-critical emergency systems can identify a loss of one costs.Consider great impact on society could lead to be reduced. Assessment of safety must be repeated regularly to maintain the health of the organization maintains. The safety assessment is to identify threats and vulnerabilities so that appropriate controls implemented to prevent accidents or reduce accident be. Architecture, rugged design, redundant communication channels can not cease to guarantee failure, fault tolerance of network elements and interfaces, energy management systems Renewable Energy security is a good size, replication, load balancing and data replication processes to ensure uniform application, determined , consider the evolution of security in relation to the development of the safety car, 1950 cars for increased safety standard for cars is daily air bags, ABS brakes, steering and other tools to manage safely and effectively. No leaving the house plan to get in an accident, but must be prepared for disasters. The same thing about your business and information systems can be said not reach, is the office on a daily basis think about the attack and destroyed a service to our customers, but if this happens, be happy have you chosen to use the tape ? Fasten Seat Belts and drive safely in the company!.

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