10 problems in the 20th Century


The company is not really 20 century company! Results -:: The reality is defined by two business units, the results of all the information on the economic performance of the solutions: Capital employed specifically to be organized to produce specific results of the company and manage the performance and productivity to organize the company and manage the Bankruptcy reality.The the 20th Century organize and manage the reality of companies creates unresolved problems in management, business and efficiency. The company defined a century, and solutions in the measures used and the results achieved in performance. This definition is to avoid bad company. So instead we have methods, such as application and administrative services, such as departments, jobs, positions, functions and processes. We are an overlay of new methods and write thousands of pounds, but he has never seen the problems consistently enterprise.1 10 of the 20 Century dissolved. Reorganization: I’ve never shareholder base. Instead of organizing people, positions, power and politics and the overlap of the rigid structure of an artificial organization. The company must adapt the organization. Changes in the company is difficult to adjust to large shocks will be called again. Then he invents another organization cycle.2 repeated arbitrarily. Accounting and Financial Management: Traditionally, the company needs to secure cash and cash management and financial know-how. Financial accounting and the preservation of this heritage, thereby avoiding the combination of management and modern management of global capital. To avoid accounting, the financial burden of the value and the value of global capital created. Financial management focuses on easy to manage cash flow and investments and to avoid the high value of capital, the “managed” or “intangible” is 0.3. Analysis of investment capital and development: the company is not able to detail the planning and the benefits of investment in development and is unable to manage the development and on invested capital. Return on investment is estimated that it can not be controlled. There is no management responsibility for the use of solutions designed to ensure the effectiveness return.4. Administration: Administrative functions and the expected results and to avoid Capital Management. The company is increasingly managed and unmanaged its use, continuous improvement and high-yield investment.5 focus. Performance Management: The power is defined not only what to do, but the results achieved. This means that the performance and the results of a variety of indicators and how the performance of individual employees to manage. This definition prevents the performance of 20 companies reality.6 century management. The complexity of the company: every new method, re-design, system implementation, the chart of accounts, etc., this is a model of the company and increases the complexity of the company. Artificial entities are able to prevent an understanding of economic reality. Results and managed, adding new services to improve, but are of the group or to repair needed.7 time. Information technology systems and solutions derived from the technique. These include strategy, design, business applications, technology and management architecture. This prevents the integrated business strategy and an integrated operating and capital costs to support. Capital requirements for a variety of state and create a problem with the CIO. Applications of the technology, not business solutions and changes in business strategy, including techniques derived backlog.8. Change Management: We need to change direction, because I have changed the poor. We are incapable of human capital and management has changed and make a profit. The change has an adverse effect due to the projects, and not part of the process. Service management, change management, and the symptoms do not resolve the basic problem problems.9. Corporate Governance: We are trying to solve the problems of corporate governance by strengthening the government’s problems in accounting, auditing and compliance. It makes no sense. The only problem can be eliminated through a corporate organization and management companies reality.10. Character: Many methods have been developed, and many books have been written to the business strategy, information systems, processes, business process outsourcing and internal processes, intangible assets, etc. In addition, adapt, it is unnecessary. We can not judge solutions, solutions. Solutions can only bring in and out results.These problems and management solutions are not discussed in detail www.businesschangeforum.com these problems through the overlap of the twentieth artificial age can be solved more books to read to the 20 – century company improve. All methods of a century has replaced the 20 companies 21 companies obsolete.The century was about the use of capital productivity, placed the value of the results. The results of the Performance Management (PM R) provides a way to a society in the 21st Century to build, and leave all your problems related to administration, after 20 years .