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Technology plays an important role in business processes today. Helpdesk software is widely used to improve customer service online and offline business. Helpdesk software has a variety of local and remote location. When considering the installation of this software is an important need, study or business. Consider the current and future.o Search System compatible with PC systems and provides easy-to use.o choose software that fits, training and support for their staff and financial management services to the needs of the Think. outside the system. Make sure that the list of important features holistically.o Company: To manage a comprehensive internal and external communication, the ability to customer requirements, documents, reports, knowledge base and the acceleration of service capabilities, automation systems, remote control, and many others. If you are unsure, consult a professional software. The ideal is the support for reflection on the organization to create, to identify their needs. This helps ensure that the software vendor has a clear picture of all software support desk software is included in the case.Helpdesk has many advantages: a helpdesk software to effectively with problems before and after the sale, online and offline .2. Web-based software enables the development of the company, because it will help potential and existing customers, with the company or its suppliers and customers to communicate their problems to mitigate service.3. With help desk software, not the company does not need to expand the system to call the management and employees may take several effectively.4. Helpdesk software to ensure that the company offers 24 / 7 customer service, and includes a variety of self-help, they can use to consumers. This system optimizes the use of time, only the problems that are insurmountable system.5 software. A company can automate many processes, such as database maintenance records, inventory, trade flows, marketing trends, and so on. Helpdesk software is a valuable tool for the design of the company’s business plans.6 analysis. The software improves employee productivity by providing technical and physical data in Table 7 software service company, is the central point through which problems are identified and managed. Simplification processes.8 company. Helpdesk software plays an important role in the management information systems and helps companies to achieve your business goals and create plans.9. It helps companies to identify problems and solutions. The program works effectively to release an audit trail of work and the economy more efficacy.10. Ideal for help desk management system will increase efficiency and stimulate growth. If the observed system of hooks and leave the room for a great many improvement.There software, such as assistance with using boss Assist, Microsoft Remote Desktop, pcAnywhere, DameWare and IBM Tivoli. Choose according to your needs .