Analysis of strategic management – the right way


Base treatment decisions is to analyze the impact of the balance between short and long term – the results. It is not only the return that in the analysis because of the short-term decisions must be included to achieve significant improvements in sales (the dice – Operating profit after taxes) can lead, but in the long run, a company can lose a lot more time worth, because this benefit is to improve political decisions. The company could also be lost if the experts, innovation cycles, processes, and ecological values. They lose their competitive advantage. This can happen if the analysis of strategic management focuses on short-term financial performance is well known for the growth and the current value of the contribution profitability.Sustainable is the primary goal of any analysis of strategic management to maximize. One of the best models of the Balanced Scorecard, the cost of business and Six Sigma is certainly an Economic Value Added (EVA), which allows the best view of sustainable industrial development opportunities and benefits. Capture the EVA model is that it requires that the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), but this material story.Doesn another question, “what is the business model to unlock the value for the company and the company offers an analysis of strategic Management must be careful to create the degree of integration with business know-how in the household is the foundation of all -. the integration of performance data, and estimated business (key performance indicators, management, ad hoc analysis, and other ), with a budget. In other words, the flow of commercial information and know-how in production, it is better than the proprietary software solutions for business intelligence, financial statements can be measured directly. If the information about the company key performance indicators, budget and fiscal policy indicators are not integrated into the strategic management decisions, there is no amount of analysis, evaluation. Strategic business decisions are more experience and feeling pretty bad planning and analysis. The lack of integration means that accurate data on production, financial and non-direct. If the number of sales has changed (income and expenditure) is not made for open budget. This is the most important match, and the full integration of financial reporting. In order for the strategic management of the last analysis.Strategies must be on a solid business information systems based standard business intelligence, enterprise performance management, data warehousing, data mining, business intelligence for finance and business models. What is necessary! If only to compare a large number of reports and the order. Only when the strategic decisions important for the analysis of strategic management. There is no other way to go, without considering the strategic management of high quality on the information flow within the company and external (market). Financial performance, not so easy to find, compare options for strategic analysis. For example, if the EVA model, the company was easy to set up political decisions in a single line, indicating that further analysis of the EVA .