Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

Basically, knowledge management (KM), the process of participant describes (in particular, decision-making) use of all resources (including information) to the goals of precision to achieve accurate, on time and on budget “throughout the organization. To this aim reach of knowledge management, information systems, and show the best minds of the participants or users, personnel selection, and they know that their greatest talents and skills in their own field data, processes, business rules and standardize the irregular activities of the organization and funding volume of his talent and experience of value, performance and role in the organization. From this perspective, focused knowledge management on how each button employs workers’ organization in the core business on time without the errors of business rules (or less), are business rules, effective and efficient (or less) and their employees to make decisions. Pieces of data support this decision and how that information can pass through a certain behavior (or not) is to be determined, even from this perspective, BI is a tool, a resource that is used in the decision of the participants. BI describes the organization operates and how the organization to achieve the goals.Business their intelligence is the organization’s activities, knowledge management, the attitude of the organization, the best way to do it better the economy (including decisions) will be focused. This is the key to these two definitions. Another possibility, these differences in definitions and relationships are to be understood as follows: BI describes the organization’s activities and describes the parts of the KM activities of life that produces the power. Adoption of BI and try to improve the performance capture company HP and the goal is to improve the organization of processes, and Intelligence and Knowledge Management activities.Business everyone can significantly improve the overall performance of organizations, but you must understand , plan and implement all implementations of the treatment. All implementations of BI and KM are fully compatible with all players and management levels of the organization. With full commitment, these tools can improve the performance of all persons and institutions, of course, profitability .