Business Intelligence – Terms of I. Definitions

There are many concepts and definitions, you need to know when the team management and business intelligence topics. Want to understand these concepts and their relationships, these concepts through the function of the overall design concept implementation.Instead BI and BI are grouped, each organization defines its own interpretation of the semester, so this problem no longer in use or in form of functional concept.From run, we are group of components: transaction systems and operating systems – Source: The most important business information by analyzing the data collected, processed and presented in all controllers, or the basic process of transferring trade organization.Data – Networks – ETL handled all the necessary information from the memory specialist, or seems to end users. These interfaces are called data ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) processes.Data Repository: size and scope of this contribution, which can contain the name of a data warehouse, where data in an organization or part of an organization are stored, or to market work, where the data is stored in silos or users of your organization tools units.Final: For query, analysis and presentation of values, users of data warehouses and data marts for specific tools to access (including transactional data) and tools must progress reports, news and other information will be communicated in due course ..: access to the data dictionaries to document and inform the user to access data and how they spread and control meaning.Information and safe as any other personal choice of e-mails, mobile web and other tools necessary