E-Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence: Data will be evaluated for validity and importance. Business Intelligence is a computer expert or any other area, which is carried out, and management. Business Intelligence, an extensive knowledge of the company, one of the customers, business partners, internal processes and external competition, to encourage employers to improve their decision-making by collecting and analyzing information on a broad basis and applications. The same goes for e-commerce and e-business intelligence. This is a broad and deep knowledge of the particular electronic commerce, with e-Business enables efficient. Specializing in business intelligence, competitive analysis, traffic analysis and decision competitors accordingly.Electronic Business Intelligence, wanted to help e-business organization. A businessman is to make informed decisions about what to do are the sources of competitive advantages, and predictions about the circumstances of face.The ‘s e-Business Intelligence helps to understand the company’s position compared to competitors. It helps online customers and their needs, depending on what you can change to the company. Electronic markets, population trends and new customers can be the future strategy of the company in a position to the organization of business intelligence intelligence.Electronic helps to eliminate doubt as to the coordination between the services and direct response to changes in economic activity and to strengthen competition, to understand. This allows the company to improve business intelligence performance.Electronic should focus on the transition activities of large gains. You need to understand changing customer needs and desires in order to plan and deliver innovative products and services. You have to understand, new customers who visit our sites. You should also consider what competitors are doing and try to excel with the best features. Business Intelligence includes the need for something interesting that keeps the viewer to read it to offer. E-business intelligence to better understand the inner workings of the organization and some of the technologies also.Application software by people who will be presented in business intelligence for collection, storage and analysis in a meaningful way. In some companies the business intelligence data warehouse construction used.There many tools developed to collect and analyze information on work in the area of ​​Business Intelligence. Son of associative logic of research, management and performance measurement, business planning, agriculture, and data warehousing, customer relationship management and marketing, data mining, decision support systems and well-being, document storage and management information systems personnel management, competency- mapping, management and geographic information systems, multi-dimensional Online Analytical Processing and Analysis, Statistics and Analysis, Business Process Re-engineering, competitive analysis, management systems, supply chain intelligence Dash, data visualization and navigation systems, document management, management, trend analysis requires the user / end-user reports and text-based applications has been minimized and improve mining.These facilitate business-intelligence capabilities, but efficiency and profitability to a great extent. Professionals as consultants or employees, a group of smart people working. KoreOne care and continue to inform the employees about the company’s needs. Employers are always the same people .KoreOne