Enterprise Architecture ja Formula One

Another view of the importance of enterprise architecture, other than ‘Da Vinci’ case (1), comes “from the formula-(GP). Formula One offers a different matter, but a very interesting parallel business management.The Formula One differs from other sports, as well as a vehicle. bicycle, the car is also important, and even ice skating team has an influential role in athletic performance, but not as much as the formula companies One.In human resources is increasingly seen as the most important results of the .company, including management and methods seen an impact not only human resources but on the results, it’s Done by the creation of a “vehicle” is used in the production examples. systems, and “you can buy or build on the market, but the quality of the data and their use in defining the organization for success. the resources and people. Other vehicles are: the building – designed modern buildings can make a positive impact on the environment, and indirectly boost the company’s architecture is better organization.The, where not only employees and management methods are healthy and wealthy, but the business, other to influence, since the data back into the formula systems.Now, see the GP on a regular basis knows that there are good drivers. An example of a good driver and a personal favorite is Fernando Alonso. Is because it is a good driver, and then won two world championships in Formula 1 is a sufficient criterion to say. He is currently the only driver in the two however titles.Unfortunately used car is not the best in town. Best vehicles like the Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes brand. This has no effect on the fuel suppliers. Ferrari is working in the Shell, Elf is a partner in the Renault. One is a global brand in the Premier League (# 93 Shell is a Top 100 Global Brands), the ELF has no place in the top brands.The Warren Buffett the world trying to company, the Ferrari F1 (business) to invest combined with the drivers (management) and Alonso. Enterprise Architecture is. In this case, changes in the management of the company car and driver.
Built-in high growth rates of the company and management, the best, of course, so they are a good architect. Management of large companies, but the poor do not end portfolio.It Warren is not difficult to manage a large company. It’s much harder to do business with, or fall in the company, which is a passion. The leaders are really doing something good for a bad “vehicle.” Hans Bool.