Essential to the landscape of information technology, business associations

All the organization of production should preferably course.But a vision and mission, it has to be used in their organization has a vision for the future of information technology it. The organization need to complain, we can conclude that the organization must have the basic ICT skills and a supportive role. However, the contrast of these organizations a greater need for a vision of information technology. The role of information technology is a driving force in today’s competitive environment, not only enabler.Now analyze the need and nature of the IT landscape organization.Consider XYZ organization, which is a five-year existence has, in a phase of economic growth. So far the role of information technology as a support system. In my experience, most organizations in the scene, they focus on their core competencies and benefit from new business opportunities, and little attention is information technology pay is crucial play.Keeping kind of competition and limitations of the organization, including strong demand and the need rapid capacity expansion, the need for substantial investment in new markets and greater attention to the company’s Alliance, an opinion difficult, that information technology and business approach, to think about the pilot. But the point is, it really is. So the question is, how can I do? Functional requirements can be roughly divided into functional requirements (well-defined area of ‚Äč‚Äčindustry) are subdivided, the requirements for routine transactions, content management requirements, work requirements and infrastructure needs. Now the organization of a regional plan for information technology, the landscape.There on current and future business, a phased approach to achieve the landscape of information technology-based. It begins with coverage of the domain of activities (R & D, D & F, etc.), the benefits are obvious in this case. After the transaction systems (ERP) and Content Management. Take advantage of these systems is the time, were built especially when standing period.For workflow systems in businesses. These systems are for the organization of work. Hamper efficiency of these systems significantly effective technical infrastructure place.Information work is a continuous process of implementation of information technology. It must be the proper use and technological cooperation with the organization’s infrastructure. The most important thing is that always the way of integration of information technology strategy for the landscape. This well thought-out way of integration is necessary to ensure the IT landscape perspective.Gradually organization collects the information technology supplement, is responsible for the benefits of automating business processes, business process management and ultimately the knowledge effectively with these organizations. In this scenario, the technique works for a company pilot a perspective of information technology in the future strategy of the organization is to be .in the development of enterprise-wide