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Today is a competitive, regulated and financially stressed environment means that organizations are living in the location on the edge to meet the growing demand for the fall. Active role in decisions about climate change and the acceptance or the suspension of uncertainty need to focus the company on the full range of technical hazards of the key business processes and challenges that create.Despite more reliable system can not afford many companies, a 99 999 percent of the level of access to all systems to be appointed in the data center. Such an approach is inappropriate in dollars and human resources. On the contrary, all the strategy to assess the availability of information, what risks are acceptable, the identification of processes, information systems and business know-how, and indeed the importance of balance and technique. This is an acceptable stability, flexibility, and that all risks are considered. Computer Services, ie to develop a comprehensive and practical information, availability and flexibility for businesses and possible. The following tips will help CIOs and IT managers, and ways to improve access to information are: to focus the risk assessment. If you run the risk assessment, the organization can find a place to focus on business continuity plan. If the organization and the processes of risk and its expected impact, the better chance to decide how best to protect critical assets, is to identify – assets are the structures, systems, data and people. Risk assessments can be conducted internally or by an external expert, even if the external suppliers on an objective analysis of risk and business continuity mitigation.Devise can be the perfect solution. Resistance and recovery is a comprehensive review and include structures, systems, information, people and partners – and how to reduce the risk of five regions. For example, if your company the power and the return of the actual proportion of the systems, data centers, has a gap remains in their abilities. Also pump out of the building fire alarm should be placed in the recovery plan, so that when all other threats, the people are capable of the construction and operation of system solutions to handle disposal. You will also need a crisis management, continuity and strength of information technology and / or recycling – one or two without the other creates gaps and vulnerabilities that can make a plan. Other areas to the mutual dependence of internal, personal and unique activities to be considered dependent on external suppliers and business partners. To analyze the effects of the merger is a good first step toward determining the functions and processes associated with their daily activities. This will also help to educate the IT flexibility and resilience, and understanding of the effects, risks and solutions.Tier systems and resilience. In today’s economy, many companies do not have the budget for each system a priority. Although they do not carry too much-tier system. His recovery should first focus on the time-critical systems, especially in the early morning hours, and uncertain responses, rather than assume that all systems are equal and need to be taken at the same time. In practice, if all systems are on the same level of validity, the decisions were made nor repaired equipment. Storage systems at many levels of decisions should be dictated by business needs – the statutory requirements of the customers and businesses play an important role in designing their plans. It is also important to the mutual dependence of the system, the study can be transported deep into the data center, the lowest recover.Availability impact on the capacity of more than hardware. Although the company’s information systems with high availability in other areas such as change management, performance management, project management and release management software would be in the calendar of availability are included. For example, if the project management, to extend the high availability of systems, but not to operate close to the data center to increase capacity in their cooling systems, the organization created a problem of availability without prior notice. Understanding, integration and change management and related technologies are the key elements of solution.Consider availability of foreign assistance. For many companies it is often too expensive or time to create a sound business continuity program. A company may not be necessary to build a broad knowledge on sustainable management program.Should, powerful acting, and a consulting business continuity provider with experience in network and storage infrastructure and server, not the business continuity management solutions for rent. Companies should consider the vendor, a holistic approach to adopt business continuity and allows the organization to change and adjust their lesson plans, it takes time to change, and business development. IT organizations are adept at finding ways to apply technology to business needs, but often need help to understand the full spectrum of threats and determine where to concentrate their efforts. These tips will help CIOs and IT leaders to take a balanced and comprehensive technical risk – and their ability to control risk and to mitigate the impact of threats – the construction of low-cost strategy of information .