Internet Risk – Safety requirements on commercial risks in Internet


Although the Internet is responsible for Risk Management Risk Management is responsible for the security applications typically belong to different parts of the company. Internet Security to coordinate and harmonize the body that manages the business risks in general, which extends far beyond the boundaries of risk and security guards ResponsibilityTechnology department.Risk account information and the introduction of enhanced Internet communications, and the provisions of the distributed enterprise. This led to many security companies to their risk management programs and more fit programs.PrivacyOrganizations stores all over the world face a higher burden of protection of privacy and personal data. Management programs for private life includes not only access the data, but the CEO of the collection and use as well. Some companies have a better overview of their privacy programs, including the protection of intellectual property, strategic plans and other trade secrets as part of crisis management and privacy program.Continuity recovery internet includes procedures to ensure that the information and information systems and processes to to react to events, can affect economic activity. The potential of tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, bird flu and terrorist attacks may rethink destabilization of the economy, many companies are strategy, business continuity and disaster recovery. Many of them are directly responsible for the continuity / disaster recovery, or people close to him. This new responsibility has given people the opportunity to increase the transparency of the organization. Internet security solutions, and business risk has moved front and center in the organization of security over the Internet and the company’s strategy, organizations that show the maturity of their programs is a shared responsibility and safety. Smaller and more on safety equipment responsible for aspects of risk management principles and functions of security, risk management, technical aspects of the Internet and have more responsibility for the tasks associated with the protection of everyday life, the infrastructure from attacks and companies to . secure This division of responsibility is a trend parallel to each other security technology products and integrated solutions to a sophisticated infrastructure. These changes are particularly evident in the area of ​​customer and network security on the Internet, but also extends to the asset management, change management and configuration. Developers ManagementEnterprise co-architects of the Internet IT-Security to define a comprehensive approach to protecting the company’s applications, information and infrastructure. Security architecture – a framework of processes, documents and technical descriptions in order to support the security needs of companies – must be brought into harmony with the architecture of a large corporate organization, especially in the areas of leadership, strategy and standards. .