Management Systems – kotoutumissuunnitelma


Integration of quality, environmental and health and safety management in a system can be difficult to do practical and transparent way, be it a prerequisite for success. When integrated into many organizations and implement checks the results are more involved, I came to the conclusion that the best and easiest way to track the implementation of the program on a process-oriented approach, an essential process, the quality of past defined is based. Are you beginning to the needs of the customer’s products and services in 9001 th standard beyond referring to “produce product” process. Then identify the processes needed to support these activities and maintenance of equipment and structures, such as IT maintenance and repair of vehicles, these processes interact and communicate with each etc.Think and show a higher level of process mapping. The next step is to review and determine that management processes are controlled working environment and to ensure that everyone gets direction.All organizations in the manufacturing of the product or service, in commerce and customer contact service, but when it starts It is unlikely that all the processes given degree of formality of the management system standards. There are three standards of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 demonstrates that most of these management challenges are similar in nature (often with the same name, although in different fields) Example: should the management review, audits of internal corrective actions, preventive measures , consider how they affect business processes and etc.Now included in the map, or “Processes” tab. Many of the requirements of the rules have counterparts in other standards, even if one or more rules can be complicated. ISO9001 is the specific considerations and impact assessment is just another word for risk assessment, and the health and safety planning. Consultation and communication requirements and principles of competition and training, three more or less cards extent.Using at a high level processes can be defined as other requirements for the three standards on the company, its products and processes to adapt. You can then combine these processes in themselves, or sub-processes or processes that support .