Project Management – Why can not the technology projects


To understand why technology projects, it is important that the role of people (often referred to as the “godfather” of the project) play in the provision of business projects.The players the game to understand in order to promote the project. Is this a new application of business processes, or update equipment, the project is from a company that sales company.Business analysts are the main actors in the implementation of projects generated are managed. The company knows what the result should be if it cost savings, revenue or other undesired results. Unfortunately, the technical staff of the project in general, to understand their disciplines and rarely understand the concepts of projects and economic entities. Business Analyst to understand the general principles and can translate them into technical requirements for generating the technical staff of the project plan, implement and manage solutions. Project technical staff are equipped and trained in specific areas. They are designed for the technical operations of the project. The project staff rarely see a drawing or lower efforts.Project Manager needed for the project in all processes, resources, budgets, risks, schedules, tasks and communication. Project Manager interacts with all information technology projects, Players.The Players.Some points for various reasons and responsibility for the failure to remove all or kidney function, the most obvious is a set of business requirements. Projects often require multiple reboots or the inability to begin to respond to business needs, the needs of the changes (usually in the development of the company) or a change in the scope. Before you blame the design of information systems analyst technologies, which are borne by the project and promote the work needs to contribute to the success of the project. And to implement all of the productivity growth and the ability to analyze complex systems and infrastructure, the bar is raised again in the definition of success in more complex systems faster than the fulfillment of functional requirements and non-functional, predictable schedules, and project staff are also responsible for costs. Technical improvement of quality, cost control, productivity and lead to meet the expectations of customers as you can see the rapidly changing needs and points of failure after tools.Additional include: cancellation of the project – there are many reasons to abort the project for which the sponsor can. Topping the list is in the business district direction.Cost Bridging – Sometimes it can be an expensive project completed and it is time to cut their losses or re-start. Limited resources – one of the biggest mistakes that companies are trying to underestimate ensure a computer with the current staff design, or to the efforts and actions to achieve the desired final result scheduling issues – IT project has been carefully designed so that the results in the time can be achieved. Recently, the computer center moved through the holiday season and I learned the hard way that doing too much more time this time of year that things, bad or no communication between the players – all parties must participate in the project life-cycle success be. Ad e-mail, telephone, scheduled and ad hoc meetings, and help all direction.Poor in the right risk management and project management recovery – the risk of failure of the project must be clear and the expectations of management of business applications. Doing so may cause damage or cancellation worse.See our article titled “Five things to the success of the project,” useful information, so that their projects succeed.By Greg Paquet