Reports the start of the ad hoc BI


Ad-hoc reporting and regular reports on all business intelligence software. Ad-hoc (custom applications), custom reports, articles and reports. Its purpose is to prepare the standard is not information quickly makers.Ugly Information Systems, is a court order to obtain reliable information, and is almost always a complex business environment. Environmental controls, not the production of information may do more harm than good. Lack of standard reports, additional information about decision makers, the relationship is not usually make a daily practice level.In tactical decisions, quick decisions, useful information and knowledge in a very short period of time. Politicians are happy, because whenever a strategic decision for further information. What makes the difference and make the problem? Analysts called ad-hoc reports are not a quick scan and found small differences in information on a regular basis-point correlation. After a quick analysis of the data was adopted to make similar strategic decisions. Soon provide information on the need to strengthen the information flow. Ad-hoc release and a periodic collection of additional information. For example, do not because the indicators with the set of XY and Z? For detailed analysis of the differences is not yet clear. The report analyzes the inconsistencies in the data and forwarding them to the data, or regulates flow.IT someone collects information about conflicts and try to analyze the information systems of production and try to find a reason for this difference. The case is still in production, and opaque. For some time you can devote more resources to the differences between the data and the development of business intelligence standard for the periodic reports of reports.Non examined initially from the very useful, as the worst enemies declare. Spend more time cleaning the mess instead of the bad to improve the production process and a more detailed description of the data stream. Thou shalt not kill, the Financial Reporting Standards and regular reports releases.Ad ad-hoc reports are professional killers, murderers BI .