Revue MBA – Information Systems Emphasis Computer


If you like computers and business, MBA with focus on IT systems to research for you. Information Systems (IS) professionals to enjoy a dynamic work environment quickly and are usually replaced by generous. Here is a brief overview of what to expect when the IS must be MBA.Corporations and other organizations today effective information systems. These management systems, customer contact and sales forecasts for the benefits and processes. I “specialists are necessary to operate these systems properly. Generally, the employer of people who search for experts in the field of software and systems, with specific business concepts. Bachelor’s degree is often required, and the master usually preferred. MBA with a focus on the CIS can business concepts, such as accounting, business, HR management, marketing, and many others. Moreover, the program in the concepts of computer programming, networks, databases, data mining and related industries to understand. One of the advantages of the combination of MBA focusing on IT systems is that both the ideas and concepts of science they are together, taught, so that the students a practical application of work-related things world.According Federal Statistical Office in 2006 found, for example 264 000 jobs held by managers. 1-4 processes associated with the service. The growth in this area is higher than the average – an increase of 16% between 2006-2016. The main advantage of the race, I always have a professional need. Companies continue to install and maintain sophisticated systems from the competition. Salaries vary, but the average wage in 2006 was around 105k-109K. Leaders in 2007 reported salaries of 157k .