Risk management – an important factor in society


Risk has always been a part of the company, whether investments in new technologies related to purchase or a new supplier. There is a risk factor in all decisions on a daily basis. The rules have long been reduced as a means to reduce risk, and uses the decision-making. ISO 14001 enables organizations threats to the environment, ISO 27001 companies, information security risks and the ISO 9001 certification has been quality.London terrorist attacks three years ago to manage, Hurricane Wilma and Katrina struck the United States and the tsunami disaster in Indonesia. It seems that every month is shown a new kind of threat. Today, companies need to think about the swine flu threat to business continuity. Recently reported that the resistant virus to mutate into a dangerous illness. So expect we can see that the best, but prepare for the worst. H1N1 virus began a series of events that have a major impact in the global economy. The data is not surprising that risk management and business continuity issues are often in the media. While a growing awareness of these issues, the company will continue to be exposed to unnecessary risks for businesses to protect their information systems and avoid interference chain.Surveys show a direct relationship between the level of security standards in organization and preparation of an organization dealing with security issues. A study by the British Standards Institution (BSI) have shown that 78% of companies that have adopted the safety standards that are ready to attack the security of 28% of companies who do not feel the current safety standards submitted. In addition, 71% of companies have adopted the standards of security that they had prepared not completed for any accident in the supply chain compared to 43% of information security research has also shown that the same standards.The many companies the benefits to use the rules, but nothing to do with it. 87% of executives believe that the growth of outsourcing, the importance of enforcement of safety standards is also increasing. These rules provide more certainty that the quality.Knowing provider of outsourcing work to a certain degree, it is difficult to the casual attitude of the companies that do not apply to understand the standards of information security. It is important to understand that business continuity plans are not limited to IT systems and continuity of organization.Business provides all employees of the company, facilities and providers. It also deals with communications and the effectiveness of situation.It incident.Insecure is actually a comprehensive risk management issues. Some people say that the risk management part of business continuity planning, the risk of a threat to business continuity.
Not everyone agrees on this point. There are many problems in management and business (such as theft of intellectual property, delays in payments, and changes in the plans), offers a wide range of risk management, although they are not related to business continuity management directly.Risk the basic elements to make the company’s business. Business continuity plans are an important factor in the economy. As a business-continuity plans to try to analyze what to do before and after the accident to ensure the safety of staff, assets and systems. Sheds light on the continuity of data necessary to maintain operations and to discuss in relation to business continuity planning is a holistic management reputation.Business process of creating the conditions for protection against the adverse effects on society. Is not limited to the distribution or the supplier, but must also account the size of the company. The key risk management is a good business continuity plan, the company will also continue to protect the reputation of offering business goodwill and trademarks.Business a framework for knowledge management, health, safety, crisis management and reporting. There are many reasons why companies are concerned about risk management, in particular, should be in the business continuity plans. The management is risk management and management and to introduce. Of public enterprises is particularly important to be precise in the definition of risk management. A good business continuity management can be enormous benefits to companies in such cases, if it is necessary to maintain the responsibilities of different people define. You can improve the company’s business and survival .