University Information Systems


Student Information System (AIS) to help the academic computing and communications products needs of the institution. These systems are operating systems that maintain the treatment of transactions and records are listed in the database. However, it is in many other areas of attention when it comes to the AIS. Not only the AIS for the institutional support to the computer, but can also be used in training technology.What educational technology? Educational Technology, the use of technology (computers, CD-ROMs, interactive media, modems, satellite TV, telephone, etc.) are defined to support learning. The concept of education has changed somewhat over the years. As new technologies are invented, to change teaching methods. One could say that should the use of technology to support education provide a better learning environment to develop applications to models of the students. This means that at the focus needs to be on the learning process as content, content, and the teachers with the students, rather than waiting for students to customize the content moves, has the responsibility to learn for the students instead of teaching of individual teachers . Ultimately the responsibility lies with the student learning, but the applications were created to meet the needs of individual students to meet, because everyone learns at a different model of learning is not only manner.This college, but also to training modules for workers in the labor force (based on EFP) is set. In fact, the same application for both school and corporate training are used, the change of the learning object. As the volunteers not to go into detail, learning objects are interactive exercises that the students learned the content in particular, can use part of the course.
Media can be described as sending audio and video files over the Internet on a regular basis. Streaming media to the media to learn about the human capacity of sensory information. People are social beings, and to a large part of the original understanding of others by seeing and listening to increase. Reading problems and patterns, or a voice teacher is the ability to text information that will not provide transfer match.Within education systems, video-streaming on the rise. With the video is nothing new learning environment. But the ability to see small parts or programs to be attractive, especially when teachers use the site, of course, he / she can link to a video conference, and the students can share documents, video games, look, even if you want .