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The Canon 7D records audio by utilizing the microphone located on the front of the camera (Figure 9.11). It records monaural sound, meaning the sound is recorded on a single channel. This audio basically gets the job done. It’s not top-notch, but if you are making quick, simple movies and don’t need high-quality sound, then this microphone will work quite well for you.

One huge drawback to using the built-in microphone is that it will pick up operational noises made by your camera. Changing the ISO or manually refocusing your lens during the recording process might not sound loud to your ears, but when you play back the video you’ll hear every click, bump, and swish your camera made during those changes.

If you’re serious about shooting videos and want to ensure that you have the best audio possible to go along with your movies, your best option is to invest in additional audio gear instead of using the built-in microphone (Figure 9.12). You can plug in this equipment by using the external microphone IN terminal located on the side of your camera, beneath the Terminal cover. The advantages to using an external microphone and other equipment are that you can record your sound in stereo and you can regain control over the sound recording level.

The 7D can easily be equipped with external audio gear; here is a simple setup with a BeachTek DXA-SLR active DSLR adapter and Audio-Technica AT875 shotgun microphone.
FIGURE 9.12 The 7D can easily be equipped with external audio gear; here is a simple setup with a BeachTek DXA-SLR active DSLR adapter and Audio-Technica AT875 shotgun microphone.



  1. Set the camera to video mode using the Movie shooting switch. This feature is only changeable when in video mode.
  2. Press the Menu button and use the Main dial to get to the fourth camera tab. Use the Quick Control dial to scroll down to Sound Recording, and press Set (A).
  3. Using the Quick Control dial once again, select Off (B). Press the Set button to lock in your change.
  4. Press the Menu button to go back into Movie shooting mode.



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