Canon PowerShot G12, Keep Them in Focus with Servo AF

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With the exposure issue handled for the moment, let’s move on to an area that is equally important: focusing. We disabled the Continuous autofocus feature to preserve battery life, but the capability to let the camera work to keep a shot in focus is definitely helpful when shooting action. The alternative is to engage Servo AF mode, which offers continuous focus, but only when the shutter button is pressed halfway down; normally, half-pressing the shutter button locks focus. When using Servo AF mode, the AF Frame appears as a blue outline. You can also press the AF Frame Selector button to reposition the frame and specify where to concentrate the focus.

Selecting Servo AF mode

Selecting Servo AF mode

  1. While you’re using one of the Creative modes, press the Menu button.
  2. Press the Down button to highlight Servo AF.
  3. Press the Left or Right button to switch Servo AF to On.
  4. Press the Menu button to exit.

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