Canon PowerShot G12 Quick Shot Mode

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When you want more control than what Auto mode offers but still want the camera to do most of the work, turn to the Quick Shot mode.
It uses the LCD only for displaying settings, not a preview of what the camera sees, so more of the camera’s processor resources can work on getting the shot (you’ll need to use the viewfinder to frame the shot). The camera continually focuses on faces it detects or whatever object occupies the center of the frame. However, remember that doing so drains the battery faster.

You can specify a handful of settings: ISO, white balance, image format and quality (including RAW, which isn’t available to the Auto and most Scene modes), aspect ratio, single or continuous shooting, shot timer, flash, and the amount of flash power used. Follow these steps to capture photos in the Quick Shot mode.

Shooting in Quick Shot Mode

  1. Rotate the Mode dial to the Quick Shot icon. The Quick Shot settings appear (A).
  2. To change any of the settings, press the Function/Set button.
  3. Use the navigation buttons or the Control dial to select a setting to change, then turn the Front dial to adjust the setting’s value (B). Change the ISO and exposure compensation using the respective dials on the top of the camera.
  4. Look through the viewfinder to frame the shot.
  5. Press the shutter button halfway to view the camera’s chosen shutter speed and aperture, and then press the button all the way to capture the photo.

Shooting in Quick Shot Mode

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