Canon PowerShot G12, The My Menu Setting

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There are a lot of items in the menu that you can change, but some are used and changed more frequently than others. The My Menu function allows you to place five of your most used menu items in one place so that you can quickly get to them, make your changes, and get on with shooting.

Customizing the My Menu setting

the My Menu setting
the My Menu setting

  1. Press the Menu button and select the tab with the star using the Right or Left button.
  2. Select My Menu settings and press the Function/Set button.
  3. With the Select items option highlighted, press Function/Set (A).
  4. Scroll through the available menu items, and when you highlight one that you want to add, press the Function/Set button (B). A checkmark appears next to the item. (Press the Function/Set button again to remove an item from the list.)
  5. Continue adding the items that you want in the list until you have selected your favorites (up to five of them).
  6. Press the Menu button to return to the previous screen.
  7. You can sort your menu items as you see fit by selecting the Sort menu item and pressing Function/Set. Highlight a command, press Function/Set, and then use the Up and Down buttons to reposition it in the list.
  8. To view your menu by default when you press the Menu button, choose the Set default view item and change its setting to Yes.



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