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Can’t Get Your Mortgage Refinanced? Use These Strategies to Stay in Your Home Until You Finally Can

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Not everyone can understand the mortgage foreclosure process. It’s just one of the many reasons why many homeowners are losing their homes. Aside from that, the government said themselves that their Mortgage Modification Program is not working.It’s easy to see why so many homeowners do not understand the foreclosure process. It’s confusing and not everyone has the patience to take the time to understand it. However, it is a must to know the process so that you can keep your house for years.With a little know-how, homeowners can enjoy their houses for a long time. Developing a strategy can also help you put the law on your side. There are three simple ways that you can use to avoid foreclosure:A Home Foreclosure HearingHomeowners facing a foreclosure can request for a court hearing. However, not all homeowners can be brave enough to attend a court hearing. Some lose all hope and think that a hearing will just hasten the foreclosure process.Requesting for a court hearing is actually another powerful strategy. When done properly, you can keep it going for at least a year. You also don’t need to hire a lawyer for this so there’s also no need to worry about additional payments.Using the powers of a Letter of HardshipA simple hardship letter may delay or stall the foreclosure process. The hardship letter is what the name implies. It states that you are unable to keep up with the monthly payments because of current financial hardships.The hardship letter is actually used for refinancing but it can also work in stopping the foreclosure process. Making a carefully drafted letter can convince the lender to consider your request.Looking for the Fine PrintSilly little mistakes in the contract will let you keep your house for way more than just a year. What you have to do is to carefully read the contract and scan for errors. Contracts that are 2 to 6 years old are the contracts that usually contain more errors.This strategy is so powerful that the situation can be switched. Instead of the lender taking control over you, you have all the power over him. This strategy is not known by all homeowners because they are being kept secret by mortgage companies.Most lawyers also know this type of strategy but are also keeping quiet about this. It’s because they earn money by charging huge amounts of money to their clients who are fighting the foreclosure process. Getting a lawyer is not necessary for this.Using these three simple strategies can help you fight foreclosure and will let you keep your house for a year or even longer.

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