2013 Amazon After Thanksgiving Sales Offer Savings on a TV, Computer and Digital Camera

It is very hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a month away as millions of Americans will be traveling home for the holidays. When sitting around the table eating turkey and stuffing many thrifty shoppers will begin to discuss after Thanksgiving sales. Some of the more popular items that are on sale after Thanksgiving include computers, TVs and digital cameras. With the United States becoming more and more advanced with technology it comes as no surprise to see shoppers looking to Amazon and other electronic retailers to find low prices on these products.The Amazon black Friday sales ad will likely come out sometime in early November and this paper could help millions to save money this year. With the overall economy greatly struggling and many Americans looking to save as much as possible it will likely be true that customers will look for sales and deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It might be even bigger in 2010 than it has ever been due to the fact that the unemployment rate is still above 9% and millions of Americans have exhausted their unemployment benefits. Saving money on Christmas gift purchases is extremely important for those who are finding money hard to come by.With Amazon being one of the biggest electronics retailers in the world it will likely be the case that there are several deals and sales from the major companies that offer TVs, computers and digital cameras. Some of the most popular TV makers that often offer sales and deals going into the Christmas holiday include Sony, Samsung, Vizio, LG and Panasonic. This is just a small sample of the many companies that are creating great HDTVs in 2010. Make sure to do your research before deciding on any purchase as you will want to get a TV that holds up through time.When it comes to computers and digital cameras there are many options available. Do not be surprised to see many after Thanksgiving sales on items from Apple, Dell, HP, Canon and Kodak. Once again, it is always a very good idea to do research before purchasing any piece of technology. There are many free websites that can help you pick out the best Christmas gift for the loved ones in your life. Remember that it is not always the best decision to find the cheapest product available; sometimes you end up getting what you paid for.

True Meaning Of Christmas, Aside From Black Friday

I find it fascinating how adults have been able to find out these creative ways to touch the hearts of kids around America. All the Santa’s sitting in shopping malls for hours, just to put a smile on a young boy or girl’s face. Seems like a load off parents shoulders if you ask me. Snapping your son or daughter’s first photograph and memory with Mr. Clause. This is when Santa letters come in handy.The best part of Christmas time that I recall as a child, was the belief that Santa Clause existed. How there was absolutely no bullying around my elementary school, because the little one’s thought “he was watching.” How my sister and I would bake cookies and place them on the table next to the fire place, only to find that they have disappeared the next morning. Now of course I eventually grew up to find out my own parents have been munching on our homemade treats in the middle of the night. I then became one sad child. This is one of the many reasons I suggest you never tell your kids that the man in red is not realistic.Most parents love not having the responsibility of a disappointed kid lingering on their backs. The fact that they are receiving letters from Santa in elementary school is enough to know your toddlers have opened up their imaginations. Nowadays we hear of all sorts of wonderful reindeer games played by toddlers, the sparkle in their eyes, and glows on their faces patiently waiting to experience sitting on Santa’s lap, while parents are driving over to the nearest mall.With December just around the corner, I have made it a mission of mine to help out all you determined mothers and fathers around America in surviving the chaotic day we all know as “Black Friday.” Not every one has the time to camp out in front of their favorite Toys-R-Us store. Try purchasing your bargains online, for a change. No lines or crowds, and you do not have to bother getting ready. Another tip, is to write down exactly what it is you are looking to purchase, so that you are not rummaging around the store bumping carts with the woman next to you. You will be in and out of the store in no time. Try to avoid food courts, they are way too crowded with hungry shoppers and your car will be sitting in the parking lot longer than you hoped.So, what is the true meaning of December the twenty fifth? Put aside, for a moment, the bargains we get the month before. To many of us, it is family. Not about how many presents you can purchase under thirty seconds, or the amount of candy canes consumed by your babies, or even how many trips to the Bahamas you take with your little one’s to make them happy. It is all about family. Teaching our children to give to the homeless and the needy who do not have what most of us have during this time of year. In my opinion this is the best way to describe what this holiday is truly all about. To be thankful during this season, for others do not have this opportunity we may have. To steer clear and be safe with these tempting sales that come after Thanksgiving.

What You Need to Know Now for an Effective Spa Holiday Marketing Strategy

With the Holiday season sneaking upon us, I thought that it was important to offer some advice on crafting an effective holiday campaign. Of course every business is different but one thing is for certain. Effective marketing needs to have a strategy and a plan that is carried through. When I talk to spa owners, they all know it’s coming but few tell me that they have a plan.Time quickly gets away from us during this time. You go through a steady October and then before you know it, you are carving the turkey and fielding hundreds and thousands of gift certificate phone calls each week. The good news is that we already know its coming and there is still time plan how to maximize the potential of what is sure to come. Those of you who know me know that I encourage systematic processes, scripted conversations for sales strategies and that I teach you to design for automatic success. The only way to fail is to not design for success. This is the time to shine and improve holiday sales. In this article, I will share data from 2010 holiday consumer reports and how to use it to craft an effective marketing campaign this holiday season. Then I will provide quick tips on how to effectively integrate each marketing channel to have one solid campaign.Let us first outline what we know about the holiday season. In these next several paragraphs, we will take a look at pertinent information related to consumer spending trends during the most wonderful time of the year. It is marked as the top revenue opportunity of the year and is an optimal time to ramp up new business initiatives and engage with existing and previous clients. This is a time that consumers are willing to open their wallets to treat their loved ones. In this day and age, we have to make sure we employ a multi-channel media marketing strategy at the opportune time to ensure that we can reach all of our existing and potential clients.This season, we have a fantastic opportunity to run effective campaigns given that we have 5 full weeks between Thanksgiving week and Christmas Day. Plus, Christmas is on a Sunday this year. According to Epsilon’s 2011 Holiday Trend Report, fourth quarter revenues in 2010 remained at a flat 6% increase over previous year through October, peeked to 8% in the second and third weeks on November and of course spiked to 14% the week of Thanksgiving where it remained steady until it dramatically dropping two weeks before Christmas back down to 8% and 5% respectively. If all things remain the same for 2011, this means that you have got to start marketing NOW as you have between week 48 (Thanksgiving) and the two weeks following to make your biggest sales.As far as online marketing and sales is concerned, Cyber Monday (the Monday following Black Friday) of 2010 was the biggest online shopping day of the season and generated the highest revenues for retailers. So if you have not already, start selling your gift certificates online NOW! More than ever, consumers are buying whatever they can online and when they are looking to buy a spa gift certificate online and you do not or have not optimized your site for this, they WILL find a different spa who does, or worse, just buy a Spa Finder gift card. This is easy to do, call the folks at Spa Boom and they will set it up for you and if you are running Millennium, it makes it even easier!Because of the huge opportunity with online sales, you must run an effective online campaign. The role of social media will be huge and will play a major part of supporting your in-house promotions, print ads and email strategies. It will also be key in early marketing efforts to drive sales during those three peak weeks. It was a key driver of Thanksgiving Day sales and leading into Black Friday. It is hard to ignore the power of Social Media with the abundance of consumers with the latest iPhones, Droids and Blackberry devices, listening to their favorite retailers and spas. Many are also making purchases through their mobile device. (Do you see why you need to have online gift certificate sales)?Obviously email makes an equally huge impact, if not more for spas. You would think that the highest open rates would be during that holiday period but believe it or not, open rates are strongest (16.9%) the first week on October with a steady decline through the week of Christmas. Another interesting fact is that open rates begin to increase the week of Christmas and continue, reaching their highest open rate the last week of January (18.3%). These statistics mean that you MUST start marketing now and also run a post holiday campaign that carries you into Valentine’s Day.However, click rates have fallen due to consumers being trained to seek out massive discounts in 2009. This translates into being more effective in establishing goals and focusing your promotions and call to action to yield a higher conversion rate. Big retailers often run targeted promotions towards different segments rather than one broad and general campaign, increasing conversion. There is no reason you shouldn’t be doing the same thing. You know that the people who come in for that once per year express massage and facial are unlikely to purchase a $300 package so why are you inviting them to? Target your emails based on client’s purchasing habits and segment your database.It is also important to recognize the peak days for emails. The 2010 season showed the highest open rates on Monday (12.2%), Thursday (10.9%) and Friday (9.1%). The highest conversion days were Wednesday (6.7%), Friday (6.5%), and Tuesday (6.3%) with Saturday a close fourth at 6.1%. This means you should inform on the peak open days with your call to action emails being sent on the peak conversion days. At the same token, you also need to realize that you are competing with other retailers both in and outside your industry. So you want to make sure that you are not part of the flooding emails that come overtake inboxes this time of year. The peak days for promo emailing in terms of volume of emails are Fridays, Mondays and Tuesdays respectively. Now would be a good chance to go back and look at your stats if you can measure them. But what I conclude from this info is promote on Wednesday (lowest volume of mass emails, 9.6% open rate and 6.7% conversion rate) and sell on Wednesday or Tuesday (6.5% open rate and 6.3% conversion).Lastly with respect to emails, it is important to have a captivating headline. This improves search results on Twitter and Facebook as well. The headlines that had the highest open rates in 2010 included the following words: Black; Now; Sale; Save; New; Holiday; Free; Coupon; Exclusive; Gift; Only; Deal; Today; and Offer Respectively.We have talked mostly about timing, now let’s take a quick look at what you should know when deciding what and how to advertise. According to Nielsen’s, most are not planning on spending more this season with the exception of affluent households who reported plans for modest spending increases. One of the biggest growth in revenues this season however, are expected to be gift card retailers. Most consumers will still be focused on practicality and value and the affluent segment will also be looking towards entertainment and leisure.What you should take away from all of this is the early marketer catches the worm (20% started shopping in September), focused advertising will win, and revenues will likely remain flat or decline if you do not implement a smarter and more effective marketing strategy this year. These reports are generalized of retail forecasts so remember that the gift card game is different, it is a last minute purchase. Get your spa at the top of mind now so when shoppers are running around thinking about those last minute gifts for their loved ones and employees, you are top of mind and very accessible. Now that you have this information, you can craft a campaign around this. Here are a few ideas to drive revenues and put yourself in front of a larger captive audience.Capture a bigger audience – Increase that top of mind are to reach out to your local mall and ask of you can rent space in their common areas to sell gift certificates through the season starting on Black Friday and running through the day after Christmas. Some malls have satellite units for this very purpose (caution-try to avoid the kiosks that you traditionally see electronic cigarettes and inexpensive skin care products at. Shoppers are programmed to avoid these in most cases). If the mall does not have a satellite unit, do not stop there. Propose that you set up your own table that mall management can approve to make sure that it fits in with the mall and is not displayed like a temporary fixture. Try your hardest to make this happen. If you can pull it off, it is a great way to put yourself in front of shoppers, increase awareness, meet new clients who have not heard of you and get your name out there. Make sure that it is staffed with people who are attractive, approachable, knowledgeable and can sell. You will likely need to recruit additional staff to do this or ideally offer more hours to your current staff. Either way, train them extremely well so you do not need to micro-manage them. This will allow you to avoid relying on the traffic outside your store front and you can capitalize from the malls hefty marketing budget. You can also partner up with independent vendors within the mall to drive traffic to your booth. This is costly, expect the lease to cost around $2000 more or less plus staffing costs, but the return is there if you do it right. (I have done it for 6 years with no regrets).Social Media – To run effective email campaigns, support them through social media outlets. Build anticipation by offering tips, and advice on health and wellness during the holiday season but DO NOT SELL! The purpose of social media is to instill trust and build community. Share advice not promotions and spam. Give people a reason why they would want to follow you. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself before you share “would my life be better if I knew this information that I am about to share?”. If the answer is yes, click that button. If it’s no, try harder. Make sure you stay active with social media this holiday season to get people listening, this way when you do throw out the occasional promotion or sales pitch, your spa clients will be more open to learning about it. It sounds like a lot of work but you can set this up over the course of a couple days for the entire holiday season. Check out objectiveMarketer.com to schedule your entire holiday season campaign and you will not need to tweet or Facebook for the rest of the year! Also, do not forget to add promos on holidays too. Early bird savings on Thanksgiving and last minute savings on Christmas day. Of course this is only possible if you offer online certificate sales. Also remember to include links to your online gift certificate sales direct site. As I mentioned, people are buying right on their mobile devices, so make it easy! In fact, Google predicts that 44% of all last minute gift research this season will be done on mobile devices. That’s too huge to ignore.Email strategy – emails should be supported through social media to develop a buzz and anticipation. Let people in on little secrets throughout social media to let them know something is coming but don’t give it all away. You want people to talk about it and have a desire to be in the know. When you do finally send out the emails with the call to action, share the link several times through Facebook and Twitter by using a shortened URL address which you can get at http://bit.ly. With respect to emails,any campaign you run should be done in 3s. The first one to share info, provide advice, and establish a reason why your clients will want to take advantage of the offer. Do not put the offer in the first email but rather let them know that something is coming. The second email is reinforcement of the first and the call to action or sales pitch. The third is a follow up to the second as in a last chance offer, extended offer, or even better savings then the first time. You should run multiple campaigns throughout this season.Discounting – A lot of businesses make the mistake of discounting spa packages. Do not do it during this time. People are willing to spend and they are looking for a deal, but do not discount the services in your packages. Instead, think on ways to add value and really sell the service. Sell your spa first then the package, not the other way around. Cater to your guests needs and budget instead of simply giving them a list of packages to choose from. You certainly want to have pre-defined packages ready to go and to post online and offer as online gift certificate sales, but do not discount. If you are traditionally known for discounting your services, come up with an inexpensive grouping of services and use that cost to advertise. For instance “spa packages starting a just $45”. I try to avoid advertising prices at all costs, but each situation is different. The key is to get as many human interactions as possible and learn the clients spending limit and preferences and suggest packages and service offerings armed with that info.Print Ads and Other Traditional Media – If you have come this far, you simply need to support what you are saying with your print ads. Share your Facebook, Twitter and Email account info in the print ad and use consistent imaging the entire season. These images should be an extension of your brand and included in both print ads and email. Come up with one or two clever headlines and supporting images and use these throughout all marketing efforts as your holiday branding strategy.There is much that we have not covered, but I hope that this article has provided you with inspiration and direction. Remember to use the data provided in the first section when crafting your campaigns. This sounds like a lot but it is so important this year. I’ll bet you can knock out your entire Q4 marketing and advertising in a block of three days and never have to worry about it the rest of the season. That allows you to focus on selling and fulfilling rather than attracting and managing. The most important thing is to get your staff on the same page and train them on selling. I will be providing some strategies on this in next month’s issue. As for now, if you have any questions or need clarification or just want to comment, feel free to reach out to me. I love providing as much feedback as my time allows.

3 Suggestions To Tweak Your Ecommerce Software For The Holiday Sale Season

The holiday sale season is fast approaching. Have you made the necessary plans and changes to your online store to prepare for the sale season? If not, then here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider implementing with your ecommerce software.Start Offering SalesBelieve me, most online consumers are more willing to have a look at your online store if you are offering sales. Now don’t get me wrong, please make sure that your store looks presentable and your product images are displayed clearly with the pricing. If the store looks messy, customers may not feel inclined to look further. So if you haven’t started offering any sales on your store, you may want to do so. Customers like sales. Who wouldn’t? Just make sure that you have some buffer profit margin with the intention to offer better sales and discount right before the actual holiday date like Black Friday. It would be a great idea if you could collect customers’ email address or phone numbers using your shopping cart software to let them know of further discounts.Partner With Local BusinessesThese days, many online merchants realized that they can’t function by themselves unless they have a strong customer base. If you don’t have such a base, it would be wise to partner with other local businesses to help one another out in these economic times. For instance, your partnership is aimed to benefit the consumers hence you could offer complementary products or services at special discounted rates. That way, you and your partners benefit together. You will need to run this on an extended sale season to see the results.Offer Gift Cards Or CouponsFor the customers that have already bought something from your store or who basically signed up and left their contacts with you, go ahead and offer them gift cards or discount coupons. They could be digital and sent via emails or mobile phones. For instance, you could offer them discounts based on dollars or percentage. Best would be in dollars. That will encourage these customers to come back to you for repeat orders. And if they recommend their friends, they just need to point them to your site and register to qualify for the discount.SummaryThis is an exciting season as all retailers and merchants are gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday sale season. Even at the moment, consumers could be hunting for Christmas gifts to take advantage of the discounted items that are being offered as more retailers compete for market share. All the best!

The Day Frequency Traders, Institutional Traders, Mayan Calendar, and Day Traders Were All in Sync

It was a Friday, December 21, 2012 and it was a day that changed the world, which happened to coincide with the last day of the Mayan Calendar, traditionally understood by the ancient Mayans as a transitional period, to what, no one in the present period really knew, just that it was to be profound. And, not to burst anyone’s bubble it certainly was all of that and more for the US Stock Market. Did that make it any easier for anyone who lost their life’s saving that day as nearly 8 trillion dollars evaporated from the market? Certainly not, agreed the guest commentary on CNBC at the Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo.Well, hindsight is 20/20 as they say, and this day was coming, and nearly 25% of Americans thought that it might be the end of days, apocalypse, or Armageddon. The number of short-sellers had the Dow opening down -303 points, which was bad enough, to make matters worse, most short-term traders were not leaving any money in the market over the Christmas Holidays, things were just too choppy, the volatility index was already at its highest point since the Debt Deal Impasse, S&P Downgrade, and the near collapse of the EU banking system in summer of 2011. With Quadruple-Witching, and end of year tax loss selling, the market was already getting hammered all week.On what many hoped would be a light trading day due to the holiday weekend, it was rather odd all the short-sellers coming out of the wood-work as they did. After all what’s that old Wall Street quote; “Never Short a Dull Market!” Well, it may have been assumed to be a dull-day, however it was anything but. After all, this was the end of the world, the Mayan Calendar had run out, and to make matters worse, there were four X-Flares of extremely high power the weeks prior; 2 of which hit Earth directly, one in November and one just the week before the catastrophic sell-off.The November solar flare took out the North Eastern US Power Grid, half of AT&Ts network, and many communication satellites used for credit card transactions at C-Store Gas Stations, Restaurants, and even Wal-Mart on Black Friday, which happened to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Online Retailers were zapped too, data centers, cloud computing, all challenged. About half of all the systems were up by the end of the day, but consumer sales for America’s largest corporations were now a day late and a dollar short.With these solar disruptions there was damage to the Space Telescope, ISS, and even military satellites, although the US Military, actually militaries from around the world denied anything had been taken down, pure posturing, but that’s to be expected. Folks were on edge, and many had wondered what the Mayans knew, and why now. For all these reasons everyone was shorting the market, and the institutional investors were betting down the market big time, and when the trading started so too did the high-frequency trading or algorithmic computational trading systems.Europe had banned short selling of their bond markets, currency markets, and just recently; “No High Frequency Computer Trading!” Europe and Asia got hit pretty hard and the US markets hadn’t opened yet, but when they did, holy hell, the volume of trading in the US hit a one-day record amount within the first hour, it was all over the place. The market hit the stops, one after another all day long. Wouldn’t you know it, Mexico City had a 7.5 Earthquake just 35-miles away at 10 AM their time the same day. Was this really the end? Or was it all an excuse for the computer trading systems to make trillions slamming the market into oblivion?There had been talk in the US about regulating or banning high-frequency trading all together in the US, and the Franks-Dodds Bill which had passed actually protected the “too big to fail banks,” all of which were making money on algorithmic trading, rather than loaning money to small businesses. The President got on TV to tell everyone that it was going to be okay, the world wasn’t coming to an end, and to hopefully calm markets, it didn’t work, in fact, it may have done just the opposite. Then the new Treasury Secretary got on CNBC, no changes either the market was falling like a rock still.The Federal Reserve Chairman was in-route back from G-8 Summit, unable to be interviewed, as soon as he landed he gave a question and answer meeting. All the financial media pundits said he was in full-combat crisis mode. That just made things worse, when regular investors heard that. Gold hit a new all-time high. Yes, it was the day from hell on Wall Street one which will go down in the record books, but the world didn’t end, and the market gained back a third of what it lost that day during the next two-trading days after the holidays. By the last day of the year, the market had recovered all but 800 points on the Dow, and then the January barometer recovered all that and more.The US Congress came back from holiday recess, vowing to fix this flash-crash, high-frequency challenge once and for all, but the banking lobby had made 100s of billions by then on both the downside and the upside of all that volatility. Was there a solution to prevent this from ever happening again? Apparently so, and there was a think tank which had a concept of viewing every single global transaction in real-time, using holographic imagery, supercomputers, and the new Intel chip running Oracle software, and IBM’s new spectral imaging.Basically how the system worked is that it was the size of a ping-pong table, and it showed the money flows in different colors transversing the map of the United States. The operator could click on different countries or all the countries at once, or isolate the system for currency trades in any of the major currency and view it in real time. Some of the same high-frequency trading software engineers would help build the system, and it could be controlled just as the Federal Aviation Administration could control the flow of airline traffic, viewing every single individual flight as it occurred.The system was brilliant, and it worked, not only could it be used for tracking money flows, but it could also be used for watching and predicting the weather, observing the spread of influenza during flu season, and even monitoring our power grid. It was a system to monitor all the flows of civilization using net-centric warfare computational theory X’s ten to the tenth power.Only one problem, the system, plus terminals was going to run in the neighborhood of $30 million. The terminals and systems would have redundancy, and when the markets were not running, the supercomputers would be used for something else, including controlling all the Internet traffic from the major data centers coming into the US to prevent cyber attacks from foreign rogue nations.The Senate passed the bill unanimously, and there was only one no-vote in the House of Representatives. The president signed the bill within 15 minutes of it reaching his desk, with the promise that Intel, IBM, Oracle, and several other vendors would have the system up and running in less than four months, and that they could only hire Americans to build the system. Apparently, this just proves there is opportunity in crisis, if only the Mayans would’ve known.

Golf Gifts and Decor Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

November 23, the day after Thanksgiving, also know as “black Friday”, starts the holiday shopping countdown for 2007. Only 32 shopping days left until Christmas. What is going to make the perfect gift this year?Golf becomes more popular every year, more and more people play all the time, watch it on television, and talk about it, making golf gifts and décor a great theme for holiday gift shopping. With a large selection of golf gifts available for the holidays it will be easy to find that perfect present. Here are some great gift giving ideas.Golf Pictures – Pictures of famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach, Augusta National, TPC Sawgrass, or St. Andrews will let you enjoy rich landscapes of the most gorgeous golf courses in the world from any room in your home or office. Anyone with an eye for art will enjoy such stunning pictures. For the collector of golf memorabilia choose authentic autographed PGA and LPGA Player pictures of some of the greatest players of golf such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Annika Sorenstam.Golf Décor – Know anyone who has made that infamous hole in one shot? If so, a personalized hole in one plaque is the perfect way to capture that special moment permanently. Top 100 Courses plaques is the ultimate golfer challenge. Set a goal to play at all 100 courses in the US or World. For the golf ball collector choose a beautiful wooden golf ball display case, add a special touch with a personalized name. Golf memorabilia buffs will love a set of Bobby Jones “Grand Slam” clubs or bronze sculpture.Golf Equipment and Accessories – Every golfer is always in need (want) of the latest and greatest out on the market. No golfer will turn down a set of new clubs! If your looking to get something a little less pricy, you can choose from golf headcovers, umbrellas, divot repair tools, golf bags, equipment organizers, coolers, push carts, or travel cases. Don’t forget every golfer at some point in time will need a golf ball retriever, even if they don’t want to admit it.Golf Training Aids – Training aids are great gifts for many reasons; they allow you to practice your game year round even if you can’t make it to the golf course. True golfers would play 24/7 if they could. Indoor/outdoor golf nets, mats, practice balls, and putting greens improve your game from the home, office, or backyard. Training books, videos, tapes, and CD’s are perfect aids for new or seasoned golfers.Golf Gifts – Everyone enjoys a good laugh, golfer or not. Funny gag and novelty golf gifts will bring a smile to anyone’s face at an affordable price and make great presents for the office gift exchange party. Golf games such as Monopoly, Dominoes, Par Darts, or Caddy Shack Trivia not only make a great holiday gift, but will also be a hit at your next party. Watches for him and her are perfect for the couple that plays golf.Now that you have all these great ideas what is the easiest, most affordable way get them? Specialty golf stores tend to offer a huge selection of golf equipment and accessories, but not as many gifts and decor. If you want to find the largest selection of golf gifts, décor, an equipment; shopping online will make it easy, cut down on time you have to spend driving around, and will deliver to your doorstep. The variety of golf gifts and products available online to a golfer far exceeds the specialty golf store. Try shopping at an online discount golf store for the best savings.

Where to Find Barbie Toys

When it comes to finding Barbie toys, you may think you only have one or two options, but there are actually many different ways you can pick up all types of Barbie items. We have a list of some of the common and not so common ways to find the toys that girls have loved for generations.Places to Find Barbie ToysThis is a short list of some of the ways to get Barbie games and toys.
At Toy Stores – This is one of the more obvious places you can find the popular doll. If you are after the latest dolls or accessories, this is probably a good place to start.
Online Shopping – This is the most common way to find her online. Whether it is at a large department store’s website looking for new dolls or on eBay looking for classic Barbie dolls, there are many places to purchase Barbie dolls online.
Garage Sales – Yard sales, rummage sales, and garage sales are all great places to find good deals on slightly used Barbies. You may not find exactly what you are wanting, but you never know what you are going to find.
There are many slight variations to all these methods of finding Barbie toys, but these should get you headed in the right direction. Wherever you decide to shop, there are some things you should keep in mind so that you get the most value for your money.Tips for Buying Barbie ToysHere are some general tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.
Look for Sales – If you are not rushed to get a gift, you can wait for the inevitable sales that are going to arrive. This can add up to a lot of savings, allowing you to get more Barbies for your money!
Black Friday – While there may not be many sales on Black Friday directly related to Barbie, there are sure to be savings that can be applied to shopping for Barbie toys.
Shop Around – Even if you can’t find a sale, if you shop around online, you are going to find that there is usually at least one website selling the toy for quite a bit less. This is especially true for Barbie Power Wheels and other expensive toys.
Following our tips and advice, you should be able to find the perfect Barbie (no pun), no matter who is going to receive the gift.

After Christmas Sales at Walmart Offer Savings for Many Unsold Christmas Gifts in 2010

When it comes to after Christmas sales and deals it is very important for costumers to understand that retailers have no idea what will be left over after the major holiday. If it were up to the retailers there would be no after Christmas sales at all as this would prove that the sell through was great for the holiday. For American customers this is never the case as there are always some items that are left over that did not sell leading up to Christmas Eve. Each year billions of dollars are spent on Christmas Eve alone but there are still many major retailers that are left with extra merchandise.WalMart is without a doubt the largest retailer in the country and they often have quite a bit of Christmas merchandise. After the holiday this retailer tends to have quite a few Christmas items left over for great sales and deals. As a customer it might be a good idea to check the local retailers and see who has the most inventory and this will help to tell the story of who will also have the best after Christmas sales and deals come December 26.Remember that many of these items are deeply discounted because they tend to be items that are not regularly at the store. With this being the case look for many products that are solely Christmas related to see steep discounts. Some of these items could include candy, wrapping paper and Christmas decorations. If you are looking for TVs, computers or digital cameras you might be out of luck as these items are usually held over for Valentine’s gift ideas. It is often the case that most of these items are also regular items in the store so they simply go back to the stock room or are packed onto the basic shelf.Over the next several weeks many people will begin to think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and sales. While there are some great opportunities to pick up some cheap Christmas gift ideas during these sales it is likely the case that nothing beats the savings of after Christmas sales. Unfortunately, most children and loved ones do no want to wait until December 26th, 2010 to open up their Christmas presents. It could be the case that you can save on items that will be used next year such as wrapping paper or lawn decorations.

2010 Cyber Monday Deals and Sales for Digital Cameras Ad From Best Buy Released in November

With Thanksgiving just around the corner many Americans are already thinking about great Christmas gift ideas. Remember that some of the busiest shopping days of the year take place during the weekend after Thanksgiving. If you want to avoid the crowds of Black Friday then it might be a good decision to do research on Cyber Monday sales and deals. These offers could allow you to sit in the comfort of your own home or office and buy the Christmas gifts you have been looking for.One of the biggest electronics retailers in the United States happens to be Best Buy. Each and every year millions of Americans resort to Best Buy to get the man in their life a Christmas gift. Instead of fighting the crowds on the Friday after Thanksgiving it could be smart to wait and do some research on digital camera sales on Cyber Monday. It seems to be the case that more and more people are using digital cameras rather than conventional cameras. By using a digital camera you will have the opportunity to keep your pictures on a memory card for the rest of your life rather than having to keep up with a roll of film.With Best Buy looking to post very impressive profits during the holiday shopping season it should come as no surprise to see many great sales and deals available from this retailer. It is generally the case that the ad paper for Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be leaked sometime in early November. The sales ad should definitely be available before the Thanksgiving holiday. To get the actual sales circular you will have to buy a newspaper on Thanksgiving day. These ads are sure to cause quite the stir as millions of Americans are looking to save as much money as possible in 2010.With the global economy still in bad shape it has been stated that Americans are looking to cut back on holiday spending. One way to cut back this year is to look for some great deals when it comes to Christmas gifts such as a digital camera. Almost all major electronics retailers will have at least one digital camera on sale but remember that you will want to buy quality rather than the exact item that is on sale. It is also the case that most people are very particular about the make and model of their digital camera. Make sure to note this before making any purchases.

Walmart Christmas Gift Ideas Include an HD TV, Laptop Computer or Digital Camera in 2010

With Thanksgiving Thursday just around the corner many people are already thinking about Black Friday sales and Christmas holiday shopping. There is very little doubt that many Americans throughout the country will use Walmart to do their Christmas shopping. With this being the largest retailer in the world there is no doubt that there will be many sales and deals available during the weekends leading up to the Christmas holiday. With that being said many people will visit a Walmart to come up with some interesting 2010 Christmas gift ideas. By simply walking around in the electronics department it should be very easy to come up with a good Christmas gift idea for the man or woman in your life.One good Christmas gift idea is a new HDTV. Almost everybody wants a brand-new TV and there are usually great deals for a new TV each and every year during the Christmas shopping season at Walmart. Do not be surprised to see some very low prices on a new HDTV over the course of the next several weekends. It is the case that this weekend there is a sale on Vizio HDTV’s and the prices are as follows:26 inch – $19832 inch – $29842 inch – $49847 inch – $69855 inch – $898Remember that this sale is only available from November 6 at 8:00 AM until November 7 at closing or midnight for the 24-hour stores. Some of these prices are very attractive so it would be a wise decision to at least do some research and see if you might come up with a great Christmas gift idea related to an HDTV during the first full weekend of November. If a HD TV is not something you are looking for then it might be the case that you are thinking about a laptop computer at a very low price.If you are looking for a laptop computer then Walmart has you covered again as they are offering a Compaq laptop for only $288 during the same sale in which they are offering the Vizio HD TV. Remember that these are very hot deals so it might be a wise decision to get to Walmart early rather than waiting until the last minute. If you wait until late on Sunday that it could be the case that she missed out on some of the most attractive deals available at Walmart this weekend.