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This is the gaming world and we all like games. There are several types of games you can play. Some games are action games where you do something very quickly and achieve results. This game is the speed of thought, but there are other types of games that will be used to improve your ability to think and these games are known as strategic games. One of the best games of this series is the city the city. It is a game browser based city building socially. This game is developed by Zynga. This is a social networking application very popular these days on the Facebook.Launch: The beginning of Cityville was announced on 18 November in 2010, but it did not happen. The correct start time is delayed and the game was launched in December to life. It was a delayed launch and the second day was not really described, but this request was really good. It can be appreciated by his players. This game had attracted 290,000 players of the game on launch day. This is a huge amount is considered the biggest launch in the history of Zynga.Promotion: The Beginningthis game on Facebook was blasting, but not all, like most things start well, because the popularity of the designer of the but they are not used long term. This case is not applicable to the City in the city. It was really good, that January 2 is the record and reached the first position in the most active users. It’s really a good game and broke the record of Farmville, who holds the record before it was. The Farmville has some good points, but if we look at the rankings, reduced to its users to play after a month.How: The CityVille is a strategic game, allowing Facebook members to play. You play the mayor of a city that virtually created on the computer. You Cityville city like the mayor would have developed it. You must start in a very limited extent, because you do not mayor, in one day. Players are given a few tasks they can do to make their city. Players can make farming and construction. In Farmville, it was not just agriculture, the option of the city.If you complete the task, certain energy points will be given. If you increase the points, then you will improve your level. There are several levels, such as the level of experience, at the urban level, etc. If your experience increases, it causes an increase in unlocked all the things you do not better.This your own city, because it’s a game social network, allowing players to power, are the cities that the person with whom they share their contents to visit. There are many bonuses such as increasing the xp bar and Cityville the user will be given if he gets in the game and also advanced on a daily basis. There are some cheaters Cityville that you can use in the game. There are also many websites that you Cityville tips and how to obtain bonuses Cityville.


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