Citibank Student Loans Consolidation – Reduce Your Payment Burden

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Due to the weak economy, people with existing student loans are facing difficult choices and many are searching for options that would provide them some flexibility in their finances when it comes to paying off the cost of their education. The Citibank student loans consolidation is a product specifically created to meet these specific needs.It allows for all federal loans to be bundled into a single loan for a low fixed interest rate. By this, it will significantly reduce the amount of monthly payments for all the combined federal student loans as much as 50%.Applying for the loan does not require any additional fees or charges and further credit checks. The borrower will just have to qualify for the following requirements including $20,000 minimum amount of federal loans, no record of serious delinquency or default in any of the federal loans received, and should be a graduate or on half-time enrollment.With the Citibank student loans consolidation, the borrower can now just make a single payment each month while securing a low fixed rate for the life of the loan.The slow-growth economy has prompted many households to look for ways on how to manage their money and debt. Persistent troubles in the financial system in the past two years has not spared federal education loans, which have been a cause of concern for many families and individuals.Getting a college education has been viewed as the path to attain financial success and students have been provided funding to achieve that goal. However, many young Americans are finding themselves in debt in the process, and in need to find ways to improve their financial condition.Many find themselves in this difficult situation these days. The Wall Street Journal has reported that it was a common problem for students to draw out too many loans, not reading through the fine print of the loan agreement, and finding themselves unable to pay on time.Some lenders have started to offer products and services that consolidate these loans and target graduate and undergraduate students. The Citibank student loans consolidation is among the most common in the market.Consolidating federal student loans allows for an increase of the time for loan repayments from 10 years up to 30 years depending on the borrower’s financial condition and ability to pay off existing debt.Citibank student loans consolidation helps borrowers manage their finances and allows them to spend on other expenses while benefiting from a low fixed interest rate for the life of the loan.

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