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Sets of social networks are a great success, everyone plays his favorite games on Facebook. Games like Farmville and FrontierVille brings people glued to their computers for at least 5 hours per day. The last shot is Cityville games. Based on the previous games, such as Farmville, World Cafe and FrontierVille, this game is the biggest of them all, with 67.4 million monthly active player. I’m sure it will not surprise you that many of your friends are already playing CityVille.In Cityville, the player starts with a plot and then push the country into a separate town with its houses, shops, businesses and buildings public. The player can opt for a large urban city of skyscrapers, a small town that is growing their own food and to focus on the quality of life. As with other games like Farmville and FrontierVille, some buildings require elements that only your friends are available, this game does not require that you play with your friends, your list of Facebook friends.CityVille be taken two currencies, coins and money and energy that is used to make all the player’s actions. Experience coins and sometimes wonfor each action. The experience will help the player’s level, unlocks most of the new building level. Once inserted, energy, filled with a point every five minutes. To move the game forward, there are targets, as well as the population belong to a certain limit, even for the space of seasonal events, such as filling out a goal of Valentine building.Coin, players receive a Valentine’s Day theme, the main currency used by an obtained to erect buildings to be constructed every hour, depending on the type of building in the field. There is also another way to earn coins, with cultures and economic stores / they work in tandem. The time for individual cultures are taken to be ready for harvesting different, it wisely. Take, for example, to grow strawberries 8 minutes, while carrots last 8 hours. This allows people to make their daily tasks, while the city of progress in it ‘s own. At harvest, there is a possibility, a specific culture collection item, the player once the reward is a basic collection complete.The Cityville is easy to grasp, but the set of strategies is infinite because of the variety of buildings and activities, including the availability ofObjectives that the player can do in Cityville to build their dream city. The most important thing in your friends or Cityville is called in the game, it ‘s neighbors. It is very important to get as many friends as neighbors to improve the city. Again I repeat, it ‘s important to have as many neighbors as possible to improve the city, especially in the higher FarmVille you level.If or FrontierVille then played Cityville should be familiar. I must say that the game is very addictive, and it ‘s hard not to be tempted to check to see here and there, like the city to be promoted.

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