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Facebook is probably one of the most successful social networks of today, as you socialize with the HAPS and the margins of your friends and contacts with them can be updated almost. But beyond the conviviality and the search for new and old friends are something that many to get on Facebook pulls a lot of virtual games which are each play.There, hundreds of Facebook applications and games available to days, all they offer are the aim, healthy and creative fun of Facebook users. But perhaps one of the most popular Cityville among young and old. This game is created by Zynga and the game is over Facebook for your city 2010.Starting Cityville can really make a dependency, as you create your own town and build your own empire made possible. You know the creator of your own work as mayor on the collection of taxes and roads of the city engineer and building houses. Everything is in it the freedom to choose how to expand your city and make it as big as you want. At the same time, you can load different neighbors that you Cityvillecan visit or ask for help in starting time need.Now a city can be really easy to sign, you expand a certain patch of land and development can be given. You start by making a few houses and a few companies to keep your citizens happy. You also need to plant crops, so that you can offer your business easy and ensure that your citizens are well provided.Increasing Cityville neighborsIn to become a big city, you need the help of your friends. This is why it is important that you have neighbors Cityville. His frequent visits to your city with which one can you collect with the help of the collection of rents, and offer to send customers to your business. You can also supply goods and neighbors for you and the things that will help you a complete list of destinations for your city. You can even have people in your community buildings. At the same time, you can also visit the city and help as you can be rewarded by this. You can have more income and at the same timeIncrease the statistics of your neighbors may reputation.Inviting Cityville really easy. All you have to do is become to all your friends to play Cityville and send a request to the neighbors. Once it is accepted your request, you can now visit their cities and offer them the help they need.

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