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No days, college education is costlier then ever and a lot of students are in the situation of trying to figure out how they can afford the never ending rise in education expenses. So many turn to college student loans to aid them in their pursuit to a higher education if they are unable to support themselves through there own means.College student loans relieve the pressure off students for coming up with sources to fund there education. The government itself has made the terms easier for most eligible student. These loans that the government provides are known as Federal Student Loans. To many, these loans are very attractive due to the low fixed interest rate that comes along with it. The rate usually sits around 5% and the student is not obligated to start repaying the debt until after the grace period. The grace period usually is a amount of time, such as 9 months, after the student has graduated or fell below the half time status at there school. For a student to be approved for this type of loan, the individual must apply for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA form. This can also be completed online for faster convenience.Stafford student loans can also be acquired. These types of college student loans come in two categories.1.Subsidized2.UnsubsidizedWith the subsidized option, the rate of interest will be a little higher and the period for payment starts 6 months after instead of 9 months. With the unsubsidized option, there is no grace period and the amount of interest you have to pay starts building up the day the loan is issued to the student. Provided this, the unsubsidized loan is more simple to get qualified and approved for. The amount that the parents can borrow from the unsubsidized loan is also higher. It also comes with a higher rate of interest.Loans can also be available for students that have different interest of studies. Business students can apply for loans that provide loans directly for business students. The specifics of the loan can also be a better option due to the target they are designed for. College student loans can also be acquired from private lenders such as banks and other fund institutions. With a variety of loans out their, the student can have a relative large selection. The student must also take responsibility to also find the best loan for their situation and needs.

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