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If you use the Flex framework, try the Tour de Flex application (see Figure 18-4). It is a good starting point for examples using components to develop AIR for Android applications. You can get it from the Android Market.

Figure 18-4. The Tour de Flex application
Figure 18-4. The Tour de Flex application

Flash Builder was initially not suited for mobile development. Components, such as the DataGrid or the Chart, were too complex and too large for the memory footprint.

Some work has been done from the ground up to optimize the framework with Flex Hero. Some components were rewritten to be mobile-optimized. The mobile theme, used when the MobileApplication tag is detected, has larger, touch-friendly controls, including for scroll bars.

The ViewNavigator helps in the development and management of screens and offers transition animations. The TabNavigator is used for subnavigation. The ActionBar is used for global navigation and messaging.

Using ActionScript and bitmaps is recommended over MXML and FXG at runtime.

If you like the convenience of components but prefer pure ActionScript development, Keith Peters has created lightweight and easy-to-use components (see http://www.min and



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